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On the train home from London someone had decided to add a little life to the back of the armrest. Made me smile, especially when the person in front started to move it.

Paradox Punch

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paradox punch

I’m a pacifist. Hate violence. Denounce war. Reject macho-egos. Then why do I enjoy strapping up my fists and punching the beejeebers out of a bag or a partners pads?

The Light Ages

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light ages

The Dark Ages were defined by “a lack of contemporary written history, general demographic decline, limited building activity and material cultural achievements in general” (source).

Does that mean we know are living in the Light Ages?

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No matter how tired / rough / sad / lonesome / grumpy etc I feel, this never fails to create a smile…

(I used to be a ‘greaser’ when I was in my teens!)


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I was 5p short at the shop today. The lady simply said I could pop it in tomorrow (I go there often as it’s the only shop in the village). Sometimes a simple act of trust is so much more than the price.

Birfday Shortbreadmen

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I’ve never been one for birfdays. Send me a card if you want/must and I’ll be more than grateful. Although these home-made shortbread men was such a nice and heartfelt touch—thank you Shazia.