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Being Profitable

Taking lessons (again) from this excellent talk this morning.

My takeaways: have a price, explore different price options, play the odds, understand the numbers, businesses are better than consumers, live the good life during building your business, forget viral, just do it better than the other guy/gal.

Feel free to leave your takeaways in the comments.

Imagine Working Four Hours A Week


Currently blasting through this book and enjoying the challenges it’s leveling at me—for those who have never heard of it here’s my dilluted summary:

…the exploration and achievement of becoming part of the NEW RICH (NR) and creating a lifestyle of “mini-retirements”—working when most effective, productive and enjoyable.

Has anybody else read it and more importantly adopted the principles into their lives? NB : Really interested in those who love their job/work and how they have used it…