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Attend TEDxWellingtonWomen 2017 | A Bold Offering

TEDxWellingtonWomen announcement logo register now

Registrations are open for TEDxWellingtonWomen 2017.

We’re being bold with this one and introducing a ticketing approach which will result in a gender-parity audience (a totally unique approach for any TEDxWomen event).

Delegates will only be able to register for a pair of spaces and will be invited to bring someone who self-identifies as a different gender to themselves.

A creative approach as an attempt to ensure more diverse ears in the audience and voices in the room whilst also supporting the LGBTQI* gender conversation in the creative capital.

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex.

TEDxWellington 2017 Registrations Open | Perspective Shifting Opportunity

TEDxWelly Key Visual Small

Grab your spot now!


For those based in Wellington and NZ as a whole, I graciously invite you to register to attend TEDxWellington 2017.


As you can see from above we’re trying exploring different categories. We’re very excited about the ‘Pay It Forward’ options in which folks can buy two spots and gift one to be distributed to one of the local charities we’ve partnered with.

Our theme is “What’s Your Perspective?” and the creative vid above needs to be watched all the way through, trust me!

Please, please, please share far and wide as this year will see us taking over the St James Theatre to enable the largest TEDx ever in the capital (1,000 curious souls will be in attendance).

2016 Darkens | 2017 Lightens

So here’s to another year to learn from.

A chance to reflect and build on the kindness and compassion already shared. To understand that to leave this world better than we found it is one of the better reasons to live by.

Even though it feels like 2016 is closing out with a general feeling of unease and darkness with a lot to be scared and sad about, just remember the simple power we all have in making it a fantastically light or shitty day for someone else (and focus on the former please).

My modest efforts of blogging this year produced the following:

See you in 2017 you lovely humans!