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Twitter Roundup #5 | Curating The Curated

tasty fruit

Mouth-watering selected offerings from my tweetmailing.

Here we go:

  1. INTERESTING: @PodcastMotor is a complete podcasting production, editing & publishing service -> emerging industries / Tweetmail link
  2. LISTEN to cofounder of @stanforddschool @bernie_roth sharing insights on How to Design a Life with @GAllenTC / Tweetmail link
  3. READ Belgian court orders @Facebook to stop tracking non-members (which it’s been doing for 5 years) / Tweetmail link
  4. WATCH @PhilipSheppard create a musical masterpiece out of nothing at this years @C2Montreal / Tweetmail link
  5. LISTEN Remembering Oliver Sacks from @Radiolab “the generosity of his curiosity” / Tweetmail link
  6. WATCH This is how to store human knowledge for eternity via @BBC_Future -> one for @JasonSilva to riff off ;-) / Tweetmail link
  7. WATCH @jerrycolonna’s ‘Disappearing into the Fire:Surviving the #Startup Life’ / Tweetmail link
  8. WATCH the last talk at this years @TEDTalks event by BJ Miller from @zenhospice / Tweetmail link
  9. WATCH people react to being called beautiful -> so lovely / Tweetmail link
  10. WATCH The Story of Buckminster Fuller & the Union Tank Car Dome / Tweetmail link
  11. WATCH another great offering from @TheeNerdwriter -> deconstructing @neilhimself’s Sandman: What Dreams Cost / Tweetmail link
  12. / Tweetmail link
  13. FREE from @nypl (thanks) 180,000 out-of-copyright photos, maps, letters etc -> get remixing / Tweetmail link
  14. USE @fulltextrssfeed for getting around those who truncate their feeds -> tweeted before but deserves another / Tweetmail link
  15. WATCH this amazing video essay from @AdamWestbrook about the struggle for art in a world obsessed with popularity / Tweetmail link
  16. READ about biowearables via tattoo circuits / Tweetmail link
  17. DOWNLOAD 40,000 Works of Asian & American Art for free from @Smithsonian / Tweetmail link
  18. LISTEN to @Calnewport talking about his new book ‘Deep Work’ -> “focus is the new IQ” / Tweetmail link
  19. WATCH / READ 1st driverless bus trial on public roads in Netherlands / Tweetmail link
  20. DOWNLOAD 48million artworks, artefacts, books, videos & sounds from across Europe / Tweetmail link
  21. DOWNLOAD Free Coloring Books from World-Class Libraries & Museums / Tweetmail link
  22. WATCH ‘X-Ray Audio: The Documentary’ about bootlegging music on X-rays in USSR / Tweetmail link
  23. WATCH The Boy Behind The Burqa @AsifaLahore UKs first out Muslim Drag Queen @TheLostLectures / Tweetmail link
  24. READ London pigeons with tweeting pollution backpacks / Tweetmail link
  25. WATCH & be inspired by Bhutan’s Prime Minister @TsheringTobgay’s / Tweetmail link
  26. WATCH The Next Rembrandt & marvel how science & technology can produce art / Tweetmail link
  27. READ The Wood Wide Web – trees can exchange large amounts of carbon via the their roots / Tweetmail link
  28. DOWNLOAD 67,000 Historic Maps (in High Resolution) -> thank you @davidrumseymaps / Tweetmail link

Haven’t done this since November last year due to things like TEDxWellington and my new role.

Why am I doing this? Well I tweet some good stuff I find during my RSS adventures and online digital breadcrumb following, thought it be a good exercise to curate them.

Read previous Twitter Roundups posts.

Just in case you want to follow me on Twitter (or better yet, follow your dreams instead).

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The State Of The Internet | It’s Messy


Juicy graphs and tastier truths.

Love this:

Google is the best ad product in the history of the world because it’s like advertising at a store. Facebook, meanwhile, is like advertising at a party.


The above and other stuff like:

  • the commercial internet is 20 years old
  • smartphones overtook PC sales in 2011
  • new media stock has 3x more value than old media
  • games played online are up 20x in two years
  • 45billion apps will be downloaded by the end of the year

…is from the un-embeddable (they say it is but it creates an ad—oh the irony) The State Of The Internet slidedeck from Business Insider.

Go, trawl / remix.

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It’s About Intimacy | The Privacy Debate

confirm ignore

The big friends request debate.

I got a ‘friend request’ from gentlemen whom I met briefly at a conference. My approach to Facebook is to use it as a place to cultivate relationships:

  • of people I know
  • have been introduced to by trusted contacts
  • or built up a relationship through other social spaces

*moving to the other side of the planet makes this platform a lot more important medium than normal.

I explained my reasoning to said guy of how I use this platform as a more personal network and also gave him links to this blog plus my Twitter as alternative ways of connecting.

Was interested to receive his take on how he thought “false psychology to disconnect the personal from the professional” and how it was a very old way of thinking.

For me, it’s not about privacy but more about intimacy.

Just as the media landscape continues to evolve so does our use of the many platforms available to us. People forget we can decide how we use them. We can define its uses.

How do you decide to use your social spaces? Do you? Is this thing on…?

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Currency Of Likes | The Social Shopping Experience

Connecting social to the real world retail space.

*If you don’t speak Portugese make sure the closed captioning is on.

Brazlian-based CEA posts images of their clothes on its Facebook site. When fans ‘like’ the items, the total number is displayed on the hangers.

It can either work to validate the choice or run counter to promote the decision to choose a lesser ‘liked’ item.

Whatever, the execution is wonderfully delicious and has potential in other spaces:

  • used in the school cafeteria to decide on which dishes to offer
  • employed during a conference as an ad hoc voting system on speakers
  • operated by branding agencies to shortlist logo designs

Where else could you see it being used?

Originally seen on Adverblog