Inspiration Found

Inspiration Found

Inspiration Found is a new personal project which asks 100 people, from 1-to-100 years old, what single thing inspires you and why.

The resulting images, words and insights will be collated into a FREE ebook available to view online or download PLUS will be presented at TEDxCDF in April 2010.

I’m looking for 100 people to participate / contribute. If you’re interested please fill out the following survey and I will get back to you if you are selected.

SIGN ME UP (now closed).


  • Howard Dickins 10 years ago Reply

    As a true born geek, I’m interested in lots of things. But I’m most often inspired by enthusiasts talking about their passions. Enthusiasm itself is infectious!

  • Second speaker « TEDxCardiff 10 years ago Reply

    […] April. If you’d like to be one of the lucky one hundred featured, then please hop on over to his blog and drop your email in the relevant […]

  • Christian Long 10 years ago Reply

    Whether my lil’ ol’ self is added to the mix or not, I’m eager to read this lovely gem of a project when it goes public. Inspired already!

  • Hannah Jones (34) 10 years ago Reply

    DK – I’d love to contribute to your research.I am inspired by passionate headteachers, especially those who are driven to provide the very best learning opportunities for every one of their students and staff.I feel privileged every day to support so many passionate leaders who are making such a positive impact to our current and future generations. When I leave a school I often ‘punch the air’ and shout “I LOVE MY JOB!” – well it’s more of a silent shout, but it sure feels good. Passionate headteachers make the whole process of going to work feel almost effortless. (DK – your ‘sign me up’ link doesn’t appear to be working, but if you let me know it’s working I am happy to add this formally too :D)


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