National Digital Forum (NDF) 2012 | Beyond Social

Time to ask some different questions—here’s the programme description:

If social (media) is no longer the new shiny set of tools that everyone gasps at then what are the next set of questions? In this fast-paced session, DK will balance his presentation with overarching cross-sector ‘big picture’ strategies right through to platform-specific tools and techniques which deliver.

Here’s the critical question in my piece:

If I asked how many of you [in the audience] have a social media strategy or are developing one, then half would probably raise their hands. If I asked how many has a social media culture [in their organisations] then I would wager there would be very few?

Have a think about this for you and your organisation / company…

Client testimonial:

“It’s all about the intersections” pretty much turned into the unofficial tagline for NDF2012 after DK’s spell-binding talk in the opening morning’s plenary session. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people talk about his presentation and the idea that collectively we need to stop thinking about our collections, websites and work as destinations and start seeing them as intersections—places that our audience find new ways to move between all our stuff. It was a wake up call—one we needed and are heeding. Truly inspiring stuff, thanks DK!
Matthew Oliver, NDF2012 Conference Organiser

Thanks to the National Digital Forum for giving me permission to put up online this screen recording and remix (originally recorded November 20, 2012—they are still waiting for the folks who did the filming to send them the raw video files).

If you have the time, check out the other sessions from this really good conference.

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YouTube version

Libraries As Interfaces, Extending The Possibilities | LIANZA 2012 Keynote

My keynote presentation at this years professional organisation for the New Zealand library and information management profession (LIANZA).

My abstract: The opportunities to connect to audiences and markets are vastly changing due to the social layer the web and new technologies now offer. How can libraries leverage this rich source of interaction to aid their focus, deepen existing relationships plus help generate new ideas and solutions?

Thank you to the amazing (nearly 500 strong) crowd, the organisers, the tech staff etc

Here’s the humbling testimonial:

DK was an outstanding presenter — fast-paced, dynamic, fun and the audience just loved him! They loved his content too — challenging and ‘mind-melting’ but also with plenty of takeaway messages. His keynote was perfect as it delivered oodles of inspiration, and his workshop demonstrated how fast and easy it is to create exciting content in the social media world. He was very professional too, cool and calm during a few technical hitches, and great to deal with.

Linda Palmer
LIANZA 2012 conference convenor

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KONY 2012

Lets make the bastard (in)famous.

For six years I’ve been telling the story of the Invisible Children in nearly all of the social media training I’ve delivered and some consulting sessions as well.

I do this for three reasons:

    1. 1. it’s a story which needs to be told
    1. 2. it highlights the idea of collective positive action to change the world
    1. 3. it illustrates the power new media and social technologies can aid distribution of the story and idea.

Even after all this time it still makes me cry!

Watch the film.

Support the cause.

Marvel at the boldness.

Note the new visual political discourse.

Celebrate the audacity and more important than that… share it wider!


Next Year Baby | 2012

Every year the ‘noise’ which accompanies the closing of another 365 days and the embracing of a new set populates the blogosphere.

Folks review, take stock, gaze back, reach forward, look inwards, hope outwards… we surround ourselves in pledges as aggrandizement.

2012 will be a year I continue to:

The new focus will be to:

…but most importantly: DO MORE!

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”
Henry Ford