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Watch. Learn. Apply.

Back in 2006 I spoke at my first television-industry conference (there were many many more).

Even then the discourse and examples focussed on how the the web was shifting the watching experience. Martini media had arrived along with mobile phones plus social networks.

Fast forward over 7 years and most people will read / watch the above, nod and continue on their merry way. What a shame!

The social connected layer influences and continues to impact vast swathes of our considered and structured lives. This stuff doesn’t just apply to TV. It’s also about how we work. Our health. How we interact with our family / friends. Our security. How we bank. How we vote. Where we go for dinner etc

The idea that we have networks which we influence is what the clever people get. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 10,000… we have the collective / connective power to influence and create on a level unknown like any other time.

Then again, we could just Instagram the sandwich we’re eating!

How does the idea of your audience having an audience affect / influence what you do?

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Tweriod | When Your Audience Is Online For Engagement

tweriod graph for followers

Guiding and aiding engagement through data.

Tweriod is a neat little free service which offers an insight into when your Twitter audience are online and therefore what times to post content into the stream to gain maximum reach and response (see above).

As you can see from the graph below, the data offered also illustrates your optimum reply window (love that there’s an increase in responses around lunchtime):

tweriod replies graph

Now, there’s an obvious danger of tweeting out during a short period of time and clogging up your networks stream with your stuff. However, managed correctly, will take the information above and do a little testing around focussing my tweets during these certain times to see if more engagement occurs.

Tweriod also offers an ‘Influence Graph’ which links in the Klout—bah, here’s my opinion.

I also dropped the $5 for the one-off pdf report but it’s not really worth it (as it’s basically the stats in presented in a daily graph—nothing else). If you know how to screengrab just don’t bother and save your money.

How do you decide when to tweet? What do you make of the above service? Would it influence you to tweet differently?

UPDATE Just came across this infographic by Fusework Studios:

buddy media twitter infographic