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North America Visit | Looking For Adventure

Eckhart Tolle life is an adventure quote

Open to advisory / speaking gigs, peppermint-tea-meets, creative trouble-making etc

Current itinerary:

  • Weds 24th Sept—Vancouver : session with IBI Group
  • Fri 26th—Portland : potential session with DOWA
  • Tues 30th—Bozeman : attending #Hatch11
  • Sunday 5th Oct—San Francisco : downtime and catchups
  • Weds 8th Oct—Wellington

Life is an adventure, it’s not a package tour.
Eckhart Tolle


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Big Sky Montana Thinking | Hatch 2013

Hatch is about connecting a group of madly curious people and trusting in their ability to generate creative value.

Split over two locations (one in the Montana hills at the Rainbow Ranch Lodge, Big Sky and the other in the heart of Bozeman via an innovation lab / space), no other event has ever challenged me as much to be present and in the moment (hence the lack of notes):


This was due to the loosely structured agenda and being surrounded by film-makers, musicians, technologists, artists, entrepreneurs, marketeers, architects, trouble-makers, designers, writers, inventors, specialists, generalists (full attendee list here), all of whom ignited the brain with conversations that dripped in inspiration and possibility!

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And oh those delicious Rugrats moments:


Deep waist bows to all attendees, partners, sponsors and obviously the organisers—humbled to have been invited and definitely learned (again) that giving is living!

2013 Visit To Portland | Seattle | Bozeman | San Francisco et al


Shooting hoops time with Obama…

Next summer I’ll be heading to the West coast of North America.

Will arrive into Portland, Oregon 1st July 2013 (depart 15th) and during those two weeks the current idea is to:

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Then… will arrive into San Francisco on 15th July / depart 18th.

Have a couple of potential masterclass / internal speaking sessions to deliver for clients in the above locations and also intend to catch up with good friends (old & new).

Am always open for more opportunities to share my social media pedigree—if you’re interested please get in touch (will also be open for hopping on a plan elsewhere and extending my stay if the gig is cool enough).