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The Illiteracy Of Play | Pecha Kucha Night Christchurch

Another 20 slides x 20 seconds per slide.

Here’s my PechaKucha Night Christchurch presentation on the illiteracy of play—how we as adults have forgotten to cultivate and use the best learning instrument on the planet…

It draws on experiences from my youth work days right through to developing and delivering social media training for folks like BBC, UNICEF and The Gates Foundation.

Exploring ideas and case studies of how playing is the root of all education and also innovation.

This was a remix of my never-delivered TEDxOverlake talk.

Big thanks to the exact and fabulous PechaKucha Night Christchurch organisers for the opportunity to participate, the other fab speakers and the Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu for hosting/sponsoring (plus camerapeeps Tim and Elaena).

So do you think adults have lost the ability to play? Become illiterate to it’s power in our own learning and day-to-day work?

Let loose in the comments… you’re not that reserved on Twitter!

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As always, I try to reference everything used but if anything is yours and it’s not suitably credited let us know and will certainly rectify.

Moving To Christchurch | Post Earthquake(s)


On the morning of February 22nd 2011 I was in Istanbul and got a text from a friend simply saying “have you heard about New Zealand?”…

Thoughts immediately went to my brother who lives on the North Island and after logging into BBC News a wave of relief settled my nerves as the earthquake I was now reading about was in South Island.

This emotion was quickly followed by one of compassion and concern for the community I had visited a little over a year ago and then a pang of selfish worry””Christchurch was the destination of my outstanding immigration application.

Over the next few hours and days the sad story unfolded as strangers, contacts and the general media tweeted, blogged, and covered their experiences.

A week later my application was approved.

The city is still getting aftershocks, the business district is a no-go area and needs to be rebuilt plus a few of the surrounding communities are still without water and sanitation.

So (the question from my Gran), why am I still moving there?

Apart from falling in love with the country and city, the basic reason for my emigration is adventure.

There was/is nothing wrong with my life other than the nagging feeling of wanting to explore new challenges and opportunities—moving to the other side of the planet creates that situation of starting again, establishing a home, a friendships, a business, a career, a life etc

In some way there’s a synergy between that and the city as it strives to rediscovers itself again. Christchurch will have to be re-imagined. Rebranded. Rebuilt. Relaunched.

Who knows what my attitude will be like when those aftershocks test my metal and I’m under no illusions it will be challenging to be in a place which has experienced such loss and devastation. It is not my city or home yet but it will be soon, and I don’t know how but in some way I’m hoping to positively contribute to the redevelopment.

So here goes nothing.

“When a great adventure is offered, you don’t refuse it.”
Amelia Earhart

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