How To Write A Social Media Strategy | Use Cartoons

gapingvoid social media strategy pics


The above are the images recently used in the internal social media strategy I wrote for the executive team at CORE Education—all courtesy of the fab Hugh Macleod, Gapingvoid.

The focus of the strategy was on:

  1. inspiring staff—VISION
  2. offering opportunities to develop their social media education and sustainable pathways for future use—TRAINING
  3. create success points and reflective opportunities—MEASURE

The vision provides an horizon line. A goal. An outcome focussed narrative.

The training, which all staff will take (managers first of course), attempts to bring everyone up to the same educational mark of social media and digital literacies (even if it’s not what they do).

These two things I’ve been doing for the past six years.

The last point is where the fun and new stuff is. Utilising gamification we’re going to develop in in-house system for tracking and rewarding social (media) participation. We (meaning others with bigger brains than I) might even write a paper on it all.

How do you do yours?


Learning@School 2012 | Tracking Twitter Infographic

lats12 twitter report

Another infographic for my fab employers regarding the recent Learning@School 2012 conference.

Approximately 1,300 teachers for two days of educational musings, wonderings, provocations, challenges, solutions etc

Some takeaways:

  • the increase in all numbers from Ulearn11 (our last big conference back in October—wonder if the 5 Step Twitter Newbie Start Plan video I did helped?)
  • the expanded use of links within tweets plus conversations which followed (probably a little due to the fact I set up open Google Docs so the audience could collaboratively take notes during the four main keynotes—can be found on the Learning@School blog)
  • the potential reach of the conversations (calculated by the TweetReach reports)

What did you take away from the infographic? Am I asking the wrong questions? What do you think of the results? Were you at the conference and tweeting out and if so how did it add to your experience of the event?

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Ulearn11 | How Twitter Makes An Event Global


Above is a quick and dirty infographic created as a mini Ulearn conference evaluation (a superb educational annual event organised and run by CORE Education).

The big takeaways:

  • #Ulearn11 was trending in New Zealand the two main days of the conference
  • the massive reach the 300 active tweeterers accumulative follower network has (TweetReach indicated it at nearly 750,000 impressions and a reach of about 70,000 people)
  • how easy you can measure the ‘popular kids in the playground’ (those who tweeted and were tweeted about)

Couple this with twitter conversations not using the hashtag, the connections made through the tweeted ideas plus the retweets, then you’ve got an indication of how Twitter can enable an event to go global.

How do you measure the social media elements of your events? Do you display them graphically or in a different way than above? Drop some knowledge in the comments below.