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#17 May 2020 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Lumping some tempting online items for you to check out.


The city of Amsterdam is going to embrace the more sustainable ‘doughnut’ economy model post-covid19.

There are always the helpers.

Why putting Jared Kushner in charge as utter madness.



Listen to my mates podcast on how Jacinda Ardern is a communication master from David McQueen.

A website that helps you to see satellites in orbit from your backyard.

This will keep you busy for while.

This website teaches you Morse Code in around 15 minutes.

Love In The Time Of Coronavirus (free ebook download from GapingVoid).

If you have a spare laptop or computer check out Folding@Home, a distributed computing project for performing molecular dynamics simulations of protein dynamics (currently focussed on aiding a COVID19 vaccine).

All monthly digital breadcrumbs posts.
Image credit: A View from Moel Cynwich: Looking Over the Vale of Afon Mawddach and Toward Cader Idris, c. 1850, William Turner, from Cleveland Museum of Art.

#3 Mar 2019 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Allow your brain to wander with your clicks.


Facebook moderators tell of a sad story of strict scrutiny and PTSD symptoms.

Check out these 30 startup pitch decks with some learnings from each.

Looking for feedback? Try these three questions.


Ten Star Wars movies edited down into one super trailer by @TopherGrace & @JeffYorkes:

Listen to @stephenfry & @SamHarrisOrg chat -> two wonderful gents with minds the size of the planet & pools of empathetic insights:

Just some delightful minimal animals:


A simple platform to create gifs from YouTube vids & other sources.

Here’s an easy-to-use online PDF tool for 18 things.

Over a 1000 free pixel-perfect vector icons for your next project.

A wonderful free service that lets you listen to any YouTube or Vimeo channels, playlists or videos in podcast format.

All monthly digital breadcrumbs posts.
Image credit: via GapingVoid, subscribe here

How To Write A Social Media Strategy | Use Cartoons

gapingvoid social media strategy pics


The above are the images recently used in the internal social media strategy I wrote for the executive team at CORE Education—all courtesy of the fab Hugh Macleod, Gapingvoid.

The focus of the strategy was on:

  1. inspiring staff—VISION
  2. offering opportunities to develop their social media education and sustainable pathways for future use—TRAINING
  3. create success points and reflective opportunities—MEASURE

The vision provides an horizon line. A goal. An outcome focussed narrative.

The training, which all staff will take (managers first of course), attempts to bring everyone up to the same educational mark of social media and digital literacies (even if it’s not what they do).

These two things I’ve been doing for the past six years.

The last point is where the fun and new stuff is. Utilising gamification we’re going to develop in in-house system for tracking and rewarding social (media) participation. We (meaning others with bigger brains than I) might even write a paper on it all.

How do you do yours?