Expo Milano 2015 | Crafting A Smarter And More Human City Experience

The smart cities discourse needs to explore using technology as an augmenter not just as a replacement.

Expo Milano 2015 looks enticing with a deliciously challenging theme and focus in the smart city debate. A colleague shared the above video which offers an intriguing vision of the future event—here’s a few thoughts:

  • how come everything was geared to the single user experience?
  • where was the human / in-person connectivity?
  • why was technology crafting a solitary experience of the city?
  • how are they going to include consideration to opt-out regarding digital privacy for things like eye scans (which is now a UN mandate)?
  • could they re-balance the use of technology which is currently geared to the consumption of information to also creative collaboration (more than just sending simple messages of where you are and playing a game)?

More a critique rather than criticism as the whole vision is fantastic.

What did you note from the video?


Humanising Wisdom | An Exploratory Presentation

Introducing a new idea.

This is raw. Thoughts in flux. A developing concept and a growing passion:

Humanising Wisdom is an attempt to explore / activate / apply the latent wisdom in organisations, brands and individuals.

Presented at The 16th International Conference on Thinking yesterday.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this. What does ‘humanising wisdom’ mean to you? Do I make sense? What didn’t work? What did? Hit me up in the comments…

YouTube video version