2016 Darkens | 2017 Lightens

So here’s to another year to learn from.

A chance to reflect and build on the kindness and compassion already shared. To understand that to leave this world better than we found it is one of the better reasons to live by.

Even though it feels like 2016 is closing out with a general feeling of unease and darkness with a lot to be scared and sad about, just remember the simple power we all have in making it a fantastically light or shitty day for someone else (and focus on the former please).

My modest efforts of blogging this year produced the following:

See you in 2017 you lovely humans!


Next Year Baby | 2012

Every year the ‘noise’ which accompanies the closing of another 365 days and the embracing of a new set populates the blogosphere.

Folks review, take stock, gaze back, reach forward, look inwards, hope outwards… we surround ourselves in pledges as aggrandizement.

2012 will be a year I continue to:

The new focus will be to:

…but most importantly: DO MORE!

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”
Henry Ford