Present Shock | Matching The Rhythms Of The Moon

Chronos versus Kairos time and the power of the moon.

The video above will make you an instant fan of the media-mindful-yoda that is Douglas Rushkoff. The revelation (at least to me) that the rhythms and phases of the moon directly correspond with the neurotransmitters in the brain stopped me in my tracks:

power of the moon remix

1st week of the new moon—Acetylcholine:
associated with new ideas, making friends, and being open minded;
2nd week of the new moon—Serotonin:
all about getting things done, being industrious and reaching conclusions;
3rd week of the moon cycle—Dopamine:
it makes you want to relax and enjoy being with people (not about work or getting things done);
Last week of the cycle—Norepinephrine:
makes you very analytical, organising things and moving above the situation to figure out the structures which underline things.


  • what if schools / universities were structured to reflect the above phases?
  • How could strategy and ideation departments in organisations / companies utlise this in their R&D production cycles?
  • Where can this be applied when you’re timetabling a professional development / capability building piece for a client internally?

Does anyone know if this has been done anywhere?