Teulo Launched | Professional Development For Architects / Designers / Construction Humans

Celebrating the launch of a new CPD platform.

For the past few months I’ve been honoured to be MC’ing the online Teulo Talks events which average 400 humans attending globally. We’re now into double figures of these full day online experiences and the platform which curates them all is now live:

On this platform, industry thought leaders and knowledge-seekers can create and find CPD-accredited videos, webinars, podcasts and presentations to share expertise and upskill on their own terms.

This is a result of one impressive human and her effort to manifest something which doesn’t already exist:

Big props to Janelle (above, middle) and her superb vision, heart-intentioned-actions and wonderful energy in making all this happen, truly believe this is just the start of something big (read her origin story here)!

As the MC it’s been amazing to learn and be inspired by so many international leaders in this space whilst also taking my online and public speaking practice wherever I happen to be: whether from a friends house in Queenstown or at another pals place overlooking the Wainuiomata Coast:

Thank you again Jay for this incredible opportunity to collaborate!

If you’re an architect, designer, construction industry human, check out Teulo now.


The Ultimate Online Social Strategy | Which You Won’t Do

Just one simple thing. Big impact.

Here’s something I’ve been challenging clients with for the past couple of years during internal strategy workshop sessions.

A simple action that if done properly will produce the following:

  • more views to your website
  • deeper relationships with your audience / market
  • greater influence in your community / sector / industry
  • broader / deeper understanding of the space you serve
  • quicker connections to industry insiders / leaders

…and I guarantee hardly any of you will do it!

What is it?


Simply adding value to existing digital content out there.

Not a “hey yeh man, great post” but a “great post, really made me think about X and wanted to share this great book / video / quote with you which I thought was fitting. Thanks for creating it and looking forward to more related stuff from you.”

The simple truth is as creators of online material (whether it be blog posts like this one, videos, a tweeted image, slideshows etc) it’s extremely validating to receive a comment. And one of the first things we do is click through the digital breadcrumb to check out the persons background who took the time to connect.

Personally, loads of friendships to inspirational souls have been formed this way.

This one action also scales massively.

Just imagine the accumulative impact of every individual in your organisation / company leaving one comment, once a week on a piece of digital content out there… (a very small strategic commitment).

Imagine the gain in engagement if a council / a startup / a design firm / a theatre / a charity etc did this!

If you’re not adding value into the community by recognising their work then why should you expect them to give you their attention when you produce content?

SMALL PRINT: I’m taking for granted what you have to offer in terms of your service / product etc is of quality and you know that by engaging it means genuinely conversing and not promoting.

Why Develop An Online Speaker Training Programme | The Purpose, The Why, The What

The above is fun and real.

Am spending my spare time developing out ‘The Best Damn Speaking Course On The Internet (Even The Planet)‘.

My current focus (apart from pooling together some fab speakers to share their knowledge) is on the experience and value the customer / member receives plus the why and what truth this project essentially serves.

This is what I’ve come up with:

This is for the project manager who needs to delight and astonish their bosses / colleagues in that important meeting.

This is for the conference organiser who has realised that titles and positions of authority does not equate to being a good public speaker.

This is for lecturers who want to engage the whole room, from the front-seat-swots to the back-of-the-room-hall-dwellers.

This is for the sales rep who is hungry to explore the power of telling stories and is craves some inspiration.

This is for the tired executive whose career needs new energy and vitality to project them forward in the looming performance review.

This is for those who can’t ever imagine speaking to a room of people (no matter how big or small) and have a positive impact.

This is for you.

It will exist to aid, challenge, enable, add, energise, delight, empower, sharpen, equip all newbies and old hands to be able to speak better.

To present with clarity and purpose.

To become a kick ass communicator.


The Best Damn Public Speaking Course On The Internet (Even The Planet)


Want to be a kick ass public speaker? Does the idea of giving presentations to your boss / colleagues / board scare you? Are you wanting to develop another skillset and income stream?

Over the past couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to speak on four continents, for small charities to big brands, at public conferences through to internal events, to audiences ranging from a handful to over a thousand etc—I’ve gotten pretty good at it but always remained open to learning new approaches and developing my craft.

Throughout my journey of becoming a person who gets paid a healthy wedge to stand on a stage and tell stories, there were no credible and insightful coaching available or aggregation of best practice, delivered in an accessible and funky way (apart from corporate-stuffy-suit-types with bad powerpoint slides who gave me advice which runs contrary to how I roll)…

…come mid-March 2012 there will be!

Twelve amazing speakers will each be featured in a 40minute skype/video interview offering insights and advice plus a deeper focus on their areas of expertise (from confidence building, presentation design, landing gigs, technology use, personal branding etc.). Each video will also be accompanied by a downloadable transcript, a one-page worksheet based on the conversation plus other related material and links.

The cost of the course will be around £100GBP / $150USD / $200NZD.

At the time of writing a third of the speakers are in place and waiting on responses from the others (only sent the emails out yesterday).

So what do you think? Would you be up for taking the course when it comes out? What will your expectations be? Maybe you think I’m going about this in the wrong way?

Hit me up in the comments, don’t be shy, you’re not on Facebook!

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