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Creative Welly Episode #3 | Intersecting Disciplines

Colliding superb creative humans.

This is what happens when you allow a digital artist and a cocoa bean hunter to share their stories and insights (full bios here).

Another two episode have already been recorded and will be out in the coming weeks so subscribe and catch the other episodes via Creative Welly plus learn more about the background in this ‘Creative Welly Launched | Learning Out Loud‘ post.

Currency Of Likes | The Social Shopping Experience

Connecting social to the real world retail space.

*If you don’t speak Portugese make sure the closed captioning is on.

Brazlian-based CEA posts images of their clothes on its Facebook site. When fans ‘like’ the items, the total number is displayed on the hangers.

It can either work to validate the choice or run counter to promote the decision to choose a lesser ‘liked’ item.

Whatever, the execution is wonderfully delicious and has potential in other spaces:

  • used in the school cafeteria to decide on which dishes to offer
  • employed during a conference as an ad hoc voting system on speakers
  • operated by branding agencies to shortlist logo designs

Where else could you see it being used?

Originally seen on Adverblog