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My Next Mobile Phone | Looking At / For Options

iPhone 4's Retina Display v.s. iPhone 3G

iPhone 5 competitors.

Next month I will be handing back my iPhone as I pivot and go freelance again.

Am very tempted by the iPhone 5 ALTHOUGH can be persuaded to try one of the other brands on the market.


  • Samsung (never had one of yours before)
  • Motorola (ah, I still use my L7 RAZR as my presentation clicker), and / or
  • Nokia (creators of one of my favourites phones, the N95 8gb)

…want to get your devices in the hands of a key influencer in the Wellington / NZ scene who’s also got the license to run a TEDx here in December?

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Liberation explores a great quote by Jorgen Leth on limitations and imagination.

Shot on my new Samsung VP-HMX20C HD using the macro mode it’s my first ever creative endeavour (and first upload to vimeo—be nice).

Music also by me via Garageband—feel free to comment as I need to learn…