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How Skype is ‘audio graded’ by workers in China with no security strategies in place.

A mysterious radio signal from space seems to have suddenly vanished – even the aliens are hanging up on us…

Why women should start giving short men a chance.

How the Met Police will begin using live facial recognition cameras in London.



Online repository of great images and videos from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Listen to this ‘Creative Confidence Podcast’ about ‘Identifying Business Potential’.

Using sheet2site.com to make a website from a google spreadsheet (video).

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Exporting Skype Contacts Hack | Broken Software

skype logo

Why does Skype make stuff so hard?

Recently, I wanted to move my Skype contacts to my username but there’s no way to export to make it easy.

Here’s a hack I found:

  1. Open old account > click ‘Contacts’ on the left hand column and make sure to select ‘All’ (not just those ‘Online’)
  2. Open up a blank textedit file
  3. Back in Skype, Cmd > A to select all contacts and literally drag and drop them into the text file

All the contacts usernames should now be in the text file.

Now there’s no way to import these into the new account but at least you can search via their usernames (which is half the battle as many people are hard to find without this).

The above is for Mac and would love if anyone can confirm this works in Windows as well… leave a comment.

Hope this helps someone.