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Steve Jobs And Elon Musk | The Innovation Ecosystem

“To appreciate Jobs’ and Musk’s contributions, you must pull the camera back. What they did uniquely was to imagine the broader ecosystems in which those products could become transformative. To do that involved an intimate understanding not just of the technology but of what would be necessary in design, logistics, and the business model to launch those products and make them truly compelling to potential customers. You can describe both men as amazing designers. But their design genius should be thought of as not just an obsession with satisfying shapes and appealing user interfaces. Those matter, but the start point is broader, system-level design. Most innovation is like a new melody. For Jobs and Musk it’s the whole symphony.”

So many quotable lines from this amazing article : The shared genius of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs | Apple Of My Eye


This week, Steve Job died. Since then, the world has seen a deluge of tributes, stories, dedications etc. Here’s my humble offering.

About eight years ago I got my first Mac. A Powerbook G4 laptop. It changed my life.

This was a machine which just worked. It begged for use through its slick design and enabled the user to be creative.

Since then I have bought five other Macs (for myself and others). Several iPods. A couple of iPhones. An iPad. And countless of Mac peripheral products and add ons.

Why? Because their stuff makes sense. It just fits. The best tools for my creative needs.

The whole brand and way of doing things is down to a brilliant, selfish and focussed-on-perfection guy who wanted to put a ding in the universe.

Who enabled and vehemently challenged those he employed to forge new ideas and products for others to interact with the world.

Who knew that if you wasn’t pushing against the flow, it was taking you with it, and backwards into the ordinary.

Thank you Mr Jobs. For making amazing stuff, a kickass company and for giving us all permission to think differently:

From Apple Fanboy #1000014852