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Suing The American Government | Using The Law To Create Sustainability

Achingly important.

“We’re not asking the government for money, we’re not asking for power, we don’t want to take away the industry’s right to profit. We’re simply asking that the government recognize the atmosphere as part of the public trust to be protected for present and future generations and once and for all to govern as if our future matters.”

From Alec Loorz, 17-year old plaintiff on the Federal atmospheric trust lawsuit and founder of Kids vs Global Warming.

The right to pollute the earth vs the right to protect our atmosphere / environment.

American law, your move.

Can’t find any further information about the hearing on Friday 11th May, here’s hoping it was successful, for all our sakes.

From Youth Group To Sue Federal Government For Not Protecting The Environment | Inhabitat

Working Yourself Out Of A Job (And Other Bold Public Statements)

Do Something That Matters

In two years time I will no longer be the Social Media Manager for CORE Education.

It’s not due to a limited budget or a time-specific contract but making a public statement like the one above focusses intent. Creates an end. A cut off point. A window to get things done.

Of course there’s danger in this. The idea that in two years time my approach would have succeeded, all the tasks will be completed and the organisation will be social media superheros, one and all (especially in this fluid space), is a bold forecast.

The reason for this strategy can be summed up in one word: sustainability.

Some of you will be old enough to remember working in places which had ‘typing pools’. A group of (usually) women whose soul task all day was to type unending letters and transcribe recordings of meetings from others.

With the advent of cheaper technology/software, the distribution of these new tools plus the burgeoning rise of professional development in the workplace, meant typing became a skill which quickly dissolved into expectation and one which now isn’t even questioned.

Social media managers are typists. A function which will soon become obsolete as the understanding of tools/platforms, adoption of practises and their execution become commonplace.

Any approach has to have a sustainable core and a comprehension that the measure of success is not how awesome my job is but how awesome I make other peoples jobs (through their elevated appreciation and use of social media).

This is what matters.

And I have two years to do it.

How much time have you given yourself?

Wisdom from Hugh MacLeod.