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#5 May 2019 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Get those digits dancing and brain buzzing.


Ruined By Design sample chapter which deconstructs how Silicon Valley destroyed the social fabric of humanity to make a profit.

Unethical UK businesses using AI to monitor staff activity.

Major report finds New Zealand’s environment is in serious trouble.


“…grooving with the present…”:

Thank you @MrJacobBanks:

Another great offering from @Tom_LSOO:


Endlessly unique ambient music maker by @alex_bainter.

How to create an RSS feed for a YouTube channel.

A free AI tool to remove image backgrounds.

Commercial free stock videos.

Live radio from all over the globe.

Automatically colorize black and white photos.

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Things The Internet Needs | Part 1: AdPants


First world problem solving.

Every time you skip a YouTube advert (after being forced to watch 5 seconds) or mute the new evil 15 second ones, a Tweet / Facebook update is sent out referencing the brand in question saying something like:

“Thanks @[nameofbrand] for hijacking my @YouTube time with your old school ad #adpants”

Advertising via interruption on the web is awful, lazy and tasteless. Old paradigm thinking in new world playgrounds. It doesn’t work.

Who wants to build a Chrome extension or some other programme / app which does the above? Can it be made? If so maybe we could crowfund it—who’s game?

YouTube Loves Bebo | The Little Things

why bebo

What’s wrong with the above picture?

Click the ‘share’ button under any YouTube video and you’ll get these options.

It’s not until you click ‘more’ that the opportunity to post to much more popular social sites like Twitter, tumblr, Blogger etc. appear.

So why does Bebo get the nod before these other sites?