#24 December 2020 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

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If you own a Mac and updated to the new operating then ‘Your Computer Isn‘t Yours‘, so sad.

Activists are now turning Facial Recognition tools against the police, the trackers become tracked.

French bulldog elected mayor in Kentucky hamlet.



Handz, A 3D illustration library available for free (or pay what you want).

Tiles, a great little free window manager / app for MacOS.

Buy ‘Eau de Bookstore‘ which is a fragrance from one of my fav book stores.

Make WordArt like in the old days with this emulator.

An online tool just to loop over and over a YouTube video.

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Creative Welly Launched | Learning Out Loud

A new long-form video podcast for curious and creative humans.

Creative Welly is a new project from an old idea repurposed and reborn during the isolation of lockdown:

We curate and collide intrepid talent from the coolest most creative little capital in the world (with a few out-of-city friends as well from time-to-time).

This project is totally self-funded and wouldn’t be possible without these amazing collaborators:

All episodes are shot and edited by the wonderfully talented Jono Tucker, Empire Films. An extremely diligent and personable soul who has added a polish to the resulting video which I never could’ve achieved, thank you Jono.

Hosted at Xequals, a centrally based web development agency who provide us with a kick-ass office which totally gets kitted out for the shoot. Thank you Alex Matthews for being so gracious with your space.

This first episode represents about four to five day or pre-production experiments with lighting and seating scenarios plus editing options. The result of which is something quite different and unique.

Two further episodes are already ‘in the can’ with another two lined up for this month plus a very long list of possibles from my network here in the capital.

Each episode takes about two hours to set up (one hour to pack down), another two hours to shoot then there’s the editing time of both the video and audio. After that there’s posting the curated bios and relevant content online plus sharing out across channels.

There are also ‘hard’ and recurring costs:

Table (round table from thrift store)$55
Chairs (x3, comfortable and supportive)$379
Backdrop photographic paper (for style)$105
Libsyn (audio podcast hosting & distribution)$275pa
Vimeo (video hosting)$130pa
Domain + hosting$25pa

I find myself feeling so privileged to be able to start this journey and explore a new format during these challenging global times. It truly serves my purpose of ‘giving people voice’ whilst also my skill base of ‘curating’ as well.

Oh and why not YouTube? Have no intention of monetising the content and don’t like their forced adverts plus the time it takes to figure out the algorithms with the hope they choose my content over others. Vimeo is a wonderful creative community which aligns with the brand values of the intention behind the initiative.

Please let me know what you think and triple please subscribe to receive the bi-monthly episodes via Creative Welly.


#5 May 2019 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Get those digits dancing and brain buzzing.


Ruined By Design sample chapter which deconstructs how Silicon Valley destroyed the social fabric of humanity to make a profit.

Unethical UK businesses using AI to monitor staff activity.

Major report finds New Zealand’s environment is in serious trouble.


“…grooving with the present…”:

Thank you @MrJacobBanks:

Another great offering from @Tom_LSOO:


Endlessly unique ambient music maker by @alex_bainter.

How to create an RSS feed for a YouTube channel.

A free AI tool to remove image backgrounds.

Commercial free stock videos.

Live radio from all over the globe.

Automatically colorize black and white photos.

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Things The Internet Needs | Part 1: AdPants


First world problem solving.

Every time you skip a YouTube advert (after being forced to watch 5 seconds) or mute the new evil 15 second ones, a Tweet / Facebook update is sent out referencing the brand in question saying something like:

“Thanks @[nameofbrand] for hijacking my @YouTube time with your old school ad #adpants”

Advertising via interruption on the web is awful, lazy and tasteless. Old paradigm thinking in new world playgrounds. It doesn’t work.

Who wants to build a Chrome extension or some other programme / app which does the above? Can it be made? If so maybe we could crowfund it—who’s game?


YouTube Loves Bebo | The Little Things

why bebo

What’s wrong with the above picture?

Click the ‘share’ button under any YouTube video and you’ll get these options.

It’s not until you click ‘more’ that the opportunity to post to much more popular social sites like Twitter, tumblr, Blogger etc. appear.

So why does Bebo get the nod before these other sites?