TEDxCardiff Workflow Using Evernote & iPad

A few weeks ago I helped out as the ‘speaker liaison’ for the fantastic TEDxCardiff event.

On the day my iPad, and specifically Evernote, ensured I had all information needed—above is a short video of how I did it (nothing ground breaking but maybe of interest to someone).

Also available in YouTube flavour.


  • Mark 9 years ago Reply

    Simple but effective. Great to see the tech in action there :)

  • Philippa 9 years ago Reply

    I don’t have much of an eye for all this techy stuff but it looked very helpful. However I do have a good ear for a great voice. And you definitely have one of those.

  • DK 9 years ago Reply

    Mark – thank you sir

    Philippa – it’s a watered down Welsh valleys tone and glad you liked it

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