Starting a new city-wide venture.

Opened by the then Prime Minister of NZ, John Key, Collider was a city-wide programme focussed on transforming Wellington into an internationally recognised Smart Capital.

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In my 14month stint as Activation Manager I established the initiative with 200 events and 5000+ attendees, averaging a quality rating of 4.2 (out of 5).

In the first eight months, it assisted in growing BizDojo (the largest co-working space in New Zealand and who was contracted by the Wellington City Council to create the programme), to grow 160% from 60 to 160+ residents in a little over a year.

Partnerships and relationship building was a key to securing the first year success.

Capitalising on my networks both locally and globally, the programme gained quick notoriety for variety, professional development and great value for money.

The project is still running today under a different focus which was one of the reasons I left.

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