#48 December 2022 + January 2023 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

A bunch of things (which I tweeted) for your eyes and ears plus brain to spend time on.


Different things are now being considered about the cause of depression (beyond the low levels of serotonin in the brain).

Written in 1998 but nothing has changed: How to Kill Creativity.

This will make you rethink a few things: Don’t Treat Your Life as a Project.

My fav geoglyph is this one: Archaeologists Uncover Nearly 170 Nazca Lines Dating Back About 2,000 Years in Peru.

What has come into the Public Domain Day from 1st January 2023.

My Youtube earnings from the very popular ‘Brick Experiment Channel’ which is a superbly honest breakdown of monies / states / data from a very successful creator.

The Zuck is doubling-down on the failed / failing metaverse plan: Meta is facing the test of its lifetime + read also (& shudder): Meta faces $1.6bn lawsuit over Facebook posts inciting violence in Tigray war.

Urgh: Musk’s Neuralink faces federal inquiry after killing 1,500 animals in testing.



Later is an open source Mac menu bar app that clears and restores your workspace with ease (great for presenters / workshop takers like me).

APITable an API-oriented, open source and easy-to-use visual database for everyone.

Remove noise from voice recordings with this speech enhancement tool from Adobe. Have tried. Is very cool.

This YouTube transcript creator.

If you need a Matrix web-based green code rain screen.

lightyear.fm show how radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light. Scroll away from Earth and hear how far the biggest hits of the past have travelled. The farther away you get, the longer the waves take to travel there—and the older the music you’ll hear.

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Back To Europe | Free Slots For Extra Gigs

Who’s around in February 2023 and wants some professional development for public speaking?

At the end of the month I’ll be back in the valleys spending time with my immediate family again plus old friends. Will then be delivering more of my masterclasses for some clients and then be off to mainland Europe for more exploration.

I have the following dates available:

  • South Wales: Friday 3rd Feb
  • London: Mon 6th Feb (afternoon) + Tue 7th Feb (morning)
  • Dublin: Friday 10th Feb
  • Munich: 16&17th Feb
  • Berlin: 21st Feb

Here is the blurb for my ‘Purposeful Storytelling’ beginners masterclass (there’s also an advanced one as well if you need it):

Public speaking is a skill set which can be nurtured and developed. When combined with a range of storytelling techniques it provides a powerful strategy which is guaranteed to have a positive impact on achieving communication which resonates. This half-day OR full-day session, for up to 12 leaders, will cover:

– Why nerves are your best friend

What personal qualities to amplify
– Where TED/TEDx gets it right / wrong
– Which body language techniques resonate
– How to engage the audience from passive listeners to active participants

The above can be delivered also as a stand alone talk of about 75mins (which includes Q&A) and there’s no limits on attendee numbers for that. Great for a ‘lunch & learn’ session with the teams to kick off a year of professional development. Happy to also explore some 1-2-1’s as well on crafting great presentations plus delivering them with style.

If you haven’t seen my in action before check out the recent TEDx talk which went live last month (December 2022):

Let me know via the contact form if any of the above is of interest and looking forward to discussing it further. Here’s to another adventure of the spirit / heart.


For Those Who Want To Tell Better Stories #8 | Freestyling, Revealing Code, And Getting Moist

A few chosen narrative examples, to uncover forms, inspire the soul and stir the creative spirits.

Nineteen minutes of pure improvisation between beatboxer/looper/producer Beardyman and the freestyle rapper Harry Mack. With random words from the audience as a starting point in which to weave and overlay off-the-cuff stories with impressive lyrical and musical aplomb.

Revealing the development and process behind the thinking, testing and final solution of showing a coding workflow. What is revealed is the depth of thinking behind the production side of presenting technical aspects of computer work whilst retaining the human element of guidance. A job well done Outlier.

Wonderfully spoken, the enticing letters between literary lovers of ilk given voice by tremendous beings in this Letters Live piece. Steamy and erotic. Recitals are hard to do as the tread the line between verbatim reading out loud and nuanced emotive expression which is needed to bring the writers intentions alive. A perfect example of the latter in play here.

All offered up to inspire, teach and make you smile / think.

Check out all the ‘For Those Who Want To Tell Better Stories’ posts.

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Helping People Perform Podcast | My Journey & Current Approach

A guest podcast feature.

What a joy to be invited by Paul Teasdale (ex-Operational Performance Specialist for racing team McLaren and now Leadership Performance Coach) to participate in his great podcast he has going:

This podcast focuses on the individuals who have chosen a career path of helping others perform, in whatever guise that takes. Hear from coaches, trainers, teachers and lots of others about what it takes to perform in the industry of helping others.

In this 45minute chat I get into the following:

  • potted career history
  • new vs social media
  • relationship with failure
  • designing TEDx experiences
  • details on what I do now
  • presenting online skills
  • who I want to work with

Hope you enjoy and if you do, check out more podcasts and subscribe at Helping People Perform, thank Paul.


2022 Annual Review | Amor Fati

Wrapping up the year with some reflections, questions and love for the future.

As with last years review, here’s my assessment of 2022:


A hearty year coming out of 2020/2021 even though COVID devastated my event activity income stream. So very grateful for the variety of clients which contracted me to collaborate this year.

I crunched the numbers on how many gigs fell into which category (‘speaking’ includes talks as well as my ‘purposeful storytelling’ beginners and advanced full-and-half-day masterclasses for leadership groups) and here’s the results:

Also did the same for how much income each category pulled in as well:

So speaking is coming out as the top earner and as promised last year my in-person MCing is finally closed out as a service I offer.

Here’s what some of the clients said about what I delivered for them:

“DK delivered a brilliant session for my team, giving us all accessible, understandable and effective advice on how to present engagingly. The training worked for those with extensive presenting experience as well as those with little exposure to public speaking. It was also very practical and encouraged us to embed our learning by doing. Highly recommended!”
Emma McLean, Engagement Lead, Engagement Lead, Accenture The Dock (Dublin)

“Engaging, smooth and professional. DK delivered his ‘Presenting Engagingly Online’ session to some of the sport sector in Wales. He keeps you locked in with his presentation, exhibiting exactly what he’s preaching with all the best tips and tricks for online delivery in the age of working from home. A top man who I highly recommend. Diolch, DK!”
Matthew Davies, Digital Marketing Lead, Sport Wales

“I cannot recommend DK highly enough – we just had our second very well attended event with him “Presenting Engagingly Online”, which has received fantastic feedback from all the participants. After the first event on “presenting with purpose” with DK last year, our whole team gained a new level of confidence and know how, and it was so popular we just had to offer another session with DK. From the perspective of events organisation, the whole thing couldn’t have been easier – Having all the content and information provided in advance, easy set up made our jobs so much easier.”
Julia Hahn, Wellington Branch Manager, German New Zealand Chambers of Commerce

So nice!


I launched my own online course under the ‘Presenting Wisdom’ banner (accounting for a little over 10% of my income this year).

Developed from an offer I had been delivering from the previous year as so many clients transitioned to the online medium to speak at conferences globally and I noticed nearly everyone do it so badly.

I had two other ideas to add to the offers which I still might do but for now, if you’re still sharing your screen and reading from a script to present online, first of all, don’t, it’s so bad for the folks watching, and secondly take my course and you will never present that way again plus engage with the participants in ways which excite and ignite emotional reactions.


As evident in the #47, #46, #45, #44, #43, #42, #41, #40, #39, #38, #37 digital breadcrumbs offerings⁠⁠—the good stuff I tweet collected into cohesive and more snackable monthly blog posts⁠—my curiosity is still raging.

Had also a strong offering of blog posts this year also which included:

I also started a new series ‘for those who want to tell better stories: few chosen narrative examples, to uncover forms, inspire the soul and stir the creative spirits’:

On a more human scale, I continue to gather humans in conversations via Creative Welly, which is now up to 39 episodes—read the recent blog post benchmark review—it offers fuel for my spirit and stretches my cognition into new realms whilst satisfying my desire to learn in analogue form.


I did a TEDx talk. A distillation of my 16 years as a paid speaker, 10 years as a facilitator through the TEDx licenses I held and the past 6 years paying my rent as a bona fide speaker coach. I’m now trying to write a companion guide based on this talk to publish early next year.

Till then, if you got an important presentation or pitch coming up and struggling to prepare, this will help (or your money back) and please share on if you find it of use.

It received over 10,000 views in just under a week of going live!


My little creativity conference for leaders never made a return after COVID (did mention it last year as a potential project to reignite). Am thinking someone needs to take it on if there’s someone who wants to…


…but what we make.

Or more eloquently put: Amor Fati / the love of ones fate.

Especially if framed through a proactive lens of defining ones path and embracing the journey of discovery through intention.

Half the battle here is knowing thyself so recently invested in a couple of coaching sessions and spent time talking to wiser souls than I, to uncover the characteristics which I can’t see of myself (thanks Shazia, Neil, Tim, Mary)—what’s interesting is that they all came to similar conclusions of where I should be devoting my time.

This was further reinforced via the CliftonStrengths Assessment (thank you Antonia) which really helped to both define and validate the elements to amplify along with giving me the language in which to craft a path forward. These are my top 5 strengths from the assessment:

On a more personal level I keep coming back to: Can I choose gratitude in this moment? Can’t remember where I came across someone saying it although they had ‘happiness’ rather than gratitude in their question. When asked it activates a depth of connection with the world which I haven’t felt for a very long time.


Simply, pages are being turned.

New unexplored paths are being pursued with hope and vigour.

I feel energetic, focused, full of potential and aspiration. And as I put in my Intersecting Influences | Looking For Collaborating Opportunities blog post, am hungry to build, to collaborate, to put my unique-action-biased skills to use.

For now I will continue to offer my speaker coaching and creative producing services, however, will start to transition with a more calculated strategy for my future so watch this space.

So, how was your year, what are you feeling grateful for and what do you have lined up for your fate in 2023?

Previous years reviews: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009

Creative Welly Benchmark | The Experimental Journey Continues

78 humans, 39 episodes, over 18 months, one idea to have ‘courageous conversations with bold humans.’

It has been a pure joy to sit down with such a diverse range of leaders. Learning from such talent in such an unencumbered way, celebrating through storytelling their current position in life whilst evolving ideas through simple conversation. Nothing can replace this purely analogue process of interaction for me.

What you might not know is that we record three episodes back-to-back in one day which shocks people but actually it’s so energising whilst I’m in it.

Was validating earlier this year to receive a sponsored opportunity to apply for a Webby Award, basically like the Oscars for the web although it’s pretty pricey to apply. Didn’t win but was lovely to have the opportunity to put the little project forward for it and very nice of the award body to invite us to for free under one category (have a personal gripe about awards you have to pay for although as it was for free thought there was nothing to lose until I then got spammed like hell from their parent company with snail mail (seriously) for other online awards, sighs).

Creative Welly is still a self-funded and voluntary-produced endeavour, in association with video extraordinaire Jono Tucker from Empire Films (special thanks to David from Flashdog Studio for allowing us to utilise the space at cost), and there’s now approximately 65 hours worth of unique video content exploring the creative talent in my network.

And all those episodes are out there as audio as well, uploaded to anchor.fm (which is owned by Spotify) where recently they told us we’re in the top 4% of content creators:

I’d suggest you go subscribe via the site to the video version, as I’ve discussed before, it’s so so unique because it’s specifically designed to create intimacy for the viewer in a never seen before format. If audio is your jam though here’s the subscription options.

So thank to all of the participants up until now. For many it’s been a big deal to step into the public arena in this way and am always enamoured by their bravery.

Am already looking to book in January 2023 recordings and continue on this journey as still got a juicy list of humans to get through. Until then, here’s the bumper list for you to work through for the silly season:

  1. Jessica Manins & Sarb Johal
  2. Olie Body & Ged Finch
  3. Raqi Syed & Gabe Davidson
  4. Sandy Gildea & Jase Te Pu
  5. Hiria Te Rangi & Guled Mire
  6. Haritina Mogosanu & Gareth Parry
  7. Pia Steiner & Thomas van Raamsdonk
  8. Lindy Nelson & Clive Spink
  9. Janelle Fenwick & Tom Probert
  10. Bron Thomson & Paul Atkins
  11. Elizabeth McNaughton & Rohan Wakefield
  12. Melissa Clark-Reynolds & Cesar Piotto
  13. Mayu Suzuki & Trent Yeo
  14. Audrea Topps Harjo & Alex Matthews
  15. Conrad Johnston & Pat Shephard
  16. Natasha Zimmerman & Ben Preston
  17. Victoria Spackman & Mark Bradford
  18. Anne-Marie Brook & Cody Ellingham
  19. Paula Eskett & Ari Sargent
  20. Karen Fifield & John Holt
  21. Shadoe Stone & Troy Hammond
  22. Jane Guy & Brian Lucid
  23. Samantha Gadd & Phyo Thu
  24. Jo Cribb & James Partridge
  25. Isabella Cawthorn & Richard Shirtcliffe
  26. Glenis Hiria Philip-Barbara & Sam Trubridge
  27. Negin Imani & Derek Bradley
  28. Janine Sudbury & Mark Gee
  29. Emilie Fetscher & James Bushell
  30. Pamela Bell & Josh Forde
  31. Victoria Crockford & James McCulloch
  32. Michelle Kitney & Rob Cousins
  33. Cynthia Hunefeld & Mark Westerby
  34. Bernadette Casey & Tan Huynh
  35. Freda Wells & Dan Neely
  36. Laurinda Thomas & Guy Marriage
  37. Kimberley Gilmour & Joseph Harawira
  38. Antonia Milkop & Dion Howard
  39. Kristen Lunman & Tim Pointer

The Public Speaking Lesson You Never Had | My 2022 TEDxNelson Talk

Got an important presentation or pitch coming up and struggling to prepare? This will help (or your money back): exploring the three elements which make up a great talk plus a Jedi-mind trick which will reframe those debilitating nerves once and for all.

What a joy to be invited to give a TEDx talk last month in Whakatū Nelson, at their first ever in-person event.

After nearly a decade of developing and delivering the TEDx offerings for Te Whanganui-o-Tara Wellington, was an honour to be stepping on that red rug as just a speaker to share my ‘idea worth spreading.’

Am currently working on a companion guide to this talk, an ebook of what I’ve learned in the last 16 years, speaking on five continents to audiences large and small, plus during the last decade of coaching others to step onto the red carpet and other stages / boardrooms.

Sign up in the sidebar for notifications on this as will shout about it when it’s live here on the blog.

As discussed in the talk, scripts are rubbish, and just to prove here’s mine which I prepared my talk from after developing different options via the post-it note medium (if you’re speaking from lived experience this is all you need):

Thanks to all the good people behind the scenes at TEDxNelson for the opportunity to share my story/ies plus the attendees and other speakers for making it a great day.


#47 November 2022 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

fail whale rises from the depths

A bunch of things (which I tweeted) for your eyes and ears plus brain to spend time on.


Serious concerns about the environmental impact of major productions including Amazon’s Rings of Power where “the first season of the show, …had generated roughly 14,387 tonnes of carbon dioxide.”

Facebook owner Meta to sack 11,000 workers after revenue collapse by so thinking / hoping this is just a start as finally the data extraction business models are starting to fail.

It looks like the same platform has been hoovering up users financial information who use online tax-filling platforms.

Read with nodding head this article on The Hollow Core of Kevin Kelly’s “Thousand True Fans” Theory.

A new study shows on-screen meetings hinder creative collaboration whilst other research shows that real-time collaboration tends to stifle creativity and diverse perspectives.



The livestream of The Pitch Drop experiment, the longest running lab experiment (established in 1927 to demonstrate how tar is the most viscous liquid, there’s been 9 drops have fallen in 95 years).

Whilst it still breathes, check out social.perma.cc which allows you to capture a thread from Twitter and archive it in sealed PDFs to attest to legitimacy.

Also, use this python code to convert all your tweets into Markdown whilst converting the shortened urls to the originals plus downloads all associated images (worked for me).

Plink, where you can create beats and jam out with strangers all over the world.

twitterisgoinggreat.com (self explanatory and just like web3isgoinggreat.com).

Listen to this episode of Team Human as it’s worth your time.

floor796.com, you’re welcome…

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For Those Who Want To Tell Better Stories #7 | Consultation, Hwyl, & Budgets

A few chosen narrative examples, to uncover forms, inspire the soul and stir the creative spirits.

FRAGMENTS illustrates superbly how to report back on a research project. My first career was in local government and I remember taking part in ‘community consultations’ which we’d then had to synthesis into written reports for committee meetings. Here’s an example of how to do it properly. Led by ff.studio and Peopletoo, in collaboration with Essex County Council (ECC), plus funded by the DfE.

This is what happens when you ask a Welsh actor of pedigree to improvise what he would say to a Welsh football side ahead of the World Cup to inspire them. Not just does this but so full of ‘hwyl’ (a Welsh word for heart and ). Read about the backstory here.

In the UK there is recently a new (now gone) Prime Minister (which only 0.3% of the UK electorate voted for) and (now gone) Chancellor who together announced a mini-budget which could be deadly (the latter of which attended a same-day champagne reception with hedge fund managers). With that in mind, click on the above graphic to a website which Led By Donkeys has put together to tell the story by showing how much this inept-budget is going to cost normal people, plus how much the rich will get, as well as an overall example of how those in power truly don’t care about closing the wealth divide anymore. Adds another dimension to doomscrolling.

All offered up to inspire, teach and make you smile / think.

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New Mac, Old Workflows | What I Use

For those who are interested in how I set up my new laptop (Mac).


Appcleaner: enables me to ensure anything I download in terms of trials will also be deleted way into the file system of the OS.

Brave: a privacy based browser for when a client needs me to use Zoom or another flaky platform.

Clipy: amazing little time-saver, set up to save my last 40 ‘copy’ actions (you can set the number) ready for pasting with shortcut enabled so can bring it up via Option+Command+V.

Firefox: an alternative browser for other things.

F.lux: (in terms of colour management for eye stress) warms up your screen and cools it down depending on the time of day. UPDATE: friend told me this is already in the new OS under Displays>NightShift so now uninstalling this app.

FuzzyTime: a way to add a ‘human’ touch to telling the time, now if Apple would allow us to remove the time icon from the menu-bar…

Hidden Bar: such a clever little thing to hide away all your menu bar items (I just have time and battery showing with control center and analogue clock fixed due to OS constraints).

OBS: open source software for video recording and live streaming to impress folks when I’m teaching them how to present engagingly online.

Stream Deck: the accompanying app to control the hardware for fancy presentations and other funky app related shortcuts.


Audio Hijack: for recording audio from multiple sources.

ExpressVPN: for securing website traffic and online activities from the marketeers and advertisers.

Obsidian: go to text and notes app with the added bonus of building out my digital Zettlekasten (I’m still learning).

Reeder: RSS still rocks and I love that I choose my media menu with this one app.

Sync: a more ethical and secure version of Dropbox.

1Password: I use version 6 which I bought the license for a few years ago and don’t need the bells and whistles of the newer ones.


I remove everything from the ‘dock’ and have it disappear from use unless I hover over. I open apps from activating the Spotlight search with the shortcut Command+Space.

I set up three ‘spaces‘ (essentially to mimic three screens on one laptop). I also add in the Keyboard shortcut settings utilising Apple+Cursor(right / left) to jump between them (there already is a trackpad action to move between them as standard by using three fingers and swiping left / right but I like this added keyboard functionality also).

Everything else like email, social media, blog writing etc is accessed via a browser to enable a ‘lighter’ app footprint on my Mac.

Let me know if I’m missing anything obvious, think I should be exploring alternatives or know how to get rid of those unwanted menu bar items.