#37 January 2022 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Starting the year offering up a buffet of things I tweeted last month.


A deconstruction of the negative things around the whole Web3 discourse.

My end-of-year-write-up on producing a unique, beautiful and independent video podcast.

Great piece about how most successful tech investments are not from the over-hyped ‘unicorns.’



These LEGO inspired home products.

A chilled web experience of walking in different cities whilst listening to local radio (which you can turn off if you wish).

THX Deep Note is good for waking up kids, scaring the birds / cats & for general awesome creative things.

Create random AI art from words and styles.

Townscaper is a procedural town building online toy.

Image credit: Visualizing the Accumulation of Human-Made Mass on Earth.
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2021 Annual Review | 2022 Strategy / Guesswork

After 8,760 hours of 2021, my take on that which made me smile / think plus some ‘finger in the air’ stuff on what’s ahead.


Well I’m patting myself on the back (and you should also) for making it round another orbit of the sun. Putting, the global situation of the continual pandemic, terrible institutional leadership regarding climate change, crypto capitalistic insidiousness, global elite tax avoidance which went unchallenged, silly Web3 proclamations, aside, this year has been one of exploration and action, misery and laughter, heartache and gratitude.

From moving between the different domains of my clients disciplines to some explorations of my personal creative agency, storytelling has been the thread between all the activities, along with the desire to add value to the world through collaboration. It’s been a year of internal revelations and a renewed hunger to try new things in a future which is starting to glisten with potential.


To enable me to pay the rent, services were delivered to the following superb array of entities:

…plus individual speaker coaching sessions took the total to 35 clients for 2021—an honourable haul in current climes and very much appreciate deeply each and every opportunity.

In terms of what services were delivered, it comes out something like this (‘speaking’ includes talks as well as my ‘purposeful storytelling’ beginners and advanced full-and-half-day masterclasses for leadership groups):

How that equates to monies earned:

A couple of the choice highlights have been:

MC’ing the monthly online Teulo Talks whereby I get to interact plus learn from internationally renowned architectural and construction industry talent. Hearing how these leaders are exploring new computational approaches plus putting the climate crisis at the heart of their designs is wonderfully hope inducing.

Producing a three-day ‘purposeful storytelling’ learning experience with the good librarians of the Christchurch Libraries was a joy. Spending a repeated amount of time with clients is rare so it’s very much cherished when it occurs. And hearing after about the positive impact of aiding those to embrace their stories with the skills to share them makes me soul sing.

And here’s what a few folks said about me in other realms of my delivery (which makes me shift in my seat and feel odd although am trying to get better at celebrating myself more):

“I recently had DK run the ‘presenting engagingly online’ session at a virtual conference I was managing for our organization. We had many great speakers, but based on the feedback (and my opinion too!) DK’s was the highlight. The session included tangible take aways that I use daily while presenting and was fun and energetic. Coordinating the session with DK was a breeze (even with the time difference), and he tailored his approach to fit the group I was working with. Could not recommend enough!”
June Kinloch, Lead, Digital Products, The HIVE at IBI Group

“When in lockdown, at Pharmac we asked DK to deliver a zoom presentation on ‘presenting engagingly online.’ Our objective was to give staff an opportunity to connect virtually after we had all shifted to working from home and we had few opportunities for a shared experience. We used DK’s prepared session to shift from presenting in this new medium (zoom) to how we adapt generally, with shifting mediums as a metaphor for the broader pressure on all of us to adapt and change in response to our external environment. The latter part was progressed via a moderated Q&A session. Staff really enjoyed the session – both parts – and I consider DK’s role as catalyst to have been really helpful.”
Mark Woodard, Director of Corporate Services/CFO, PHARMAC NZ

“I have had the great pleasure of inviting DK to work with our team for 2 enjoyable and valuable sessions so far: an in-person (those were the days!) public speaking and storytelling workshop; and a virtual Presenting Engagingly Online session.
These were both very highly rated by our team and we’re looking forward to having DK come and share more magic with us to help us continue to hone our skills and confidence. On top of that, DK is one of the kindest, most compassionate and generous people I know. He builds an environment of trust, confidence and care, role modelling respectful feedback and gently supporting people to build confidence and strength with public speaking, storytelling and presenting. I cannot recommend DK highly enough.”
Kimberley Gilmour, People & Culture | Health & Wellbeing, Uneeq


A layering of operational challenges on top of the extremely uncertain COVID situation meant the team decided to cancel TEDxWellington 2021 and I also took it as an opportune time to ‘retire’ from the license holder position plus step down from the charitable board established to oversee the endeavours. It was a very bittersweet decision for many reasons.

The above was my first pass at the ‘delegate experience’ which was a result of a few sessions with the interactions team which I was leading this year. My aim was to inspire and guide the group to craft a creative experience for the 2,000 attendees which surprised and delighted whilst tapping into the subjects explored by the speakers and also literally recording plus increasing the nature of the chosen theme of the event, which was ‘hope’ (the speakers were already chosen by this stage as well as the theme, and after the event was cancelled were ‘gifted’ over to a new license and event TEDxPipitea to continue with).

TEDxWellington was so aligned to my purpose and I gave nearly a decade of pro bono time to it. Even though it nearly broke me a few times and constricted my ability to explore paid work, what an amazing 9 years selling out every event, giving many an opportunity to speak on a TEDx stage to catapult their stories into the world and a chance for many more to volunteer on a world-class initiative (many of which have leveraged in their own personal / professional journeys). I feel blessed to have had the experience which included:


Image credit

“My heart is a beautiful mess of things, like an Hieronymus Bosch painting, full of magic and weird characters plus brilliance and terror!”

Something I tweeted

Have been taking the time to go inwards and explore spirit versus ego, values and character, trauma and healing. It’s been long overdue and I know will never be a completed exercise as my ‘bastard brain‘ still pops up and does its usual thing. But there’s an emergence state occurring as a wider range of literacy regarding my emotions are being accessed.

There remains a deep reverberating ache for companionship, and that’s okay. I have a high level of trust in this longing which sparks an odd but familiar hopefulness in me. I have bared my calon and the outcome was the opposite of what was hoped for but I am proud of me for making the it known:


As evident in the 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 digital breadcrumbs offerings⁠⁠—the good stuff I tweet collected into cohesive and more snackable monthly blog posts⁠—my curiosity is still sharp and I delight in having a wide view on the world. Between those and a modest blogging offering this year I will continue to seek out a wide-ranging media diet and delight in the brilliant intersections I see in most things:

first 25 Creative Welly episodes image

This year I continued my Creative Welly activities along with my collaboration partners, and produced fourteen episodes featuring 28 bold humans (read the end of year review here). It continues to be a unique visual approach to the medium and keen to build off the wholly independently produced venture as still have a big list of people to get to.

Earlier in the year I got to making⁠—have designed and developed a working prototype focused on amplifying human connection (born out of a failed attempt at an ebook on the same topic which I’m revisiting for the new year in a different form).

After lots of cardboard cutting and glue gun fun, a friend helped with the final ‘cut file’ to get it fabricated, and over a thousand bucks later I had the chance to fit it all together and… it works!

Have pitched the concept to a couple of agencies for use in the New Year (fingers crossed).


Extrapolating from the types of services plus financials more speaking opportunities will be sort along with consulting, however, I’ll be dropping the in-person MC offerings (as actually know better practitioners out there I can pass on my inquiries to).

The self-care and self-awareness values have been ignited after being in dormancy which has sparked so many cognitive and emotional reactions in me that I know it’s important. Tenderness, kindness and grace have become often cited and lens by which to navigate this crazy life.


We’re all grown-ups and know that planning is guessing, shallow attempts to manifest best intentions, action is key.

Throw in a layer of doing things which serve my spirit and purpose, plus creative collaborations with other impressive people, then that’s an action list I want to chase down.

My purpose remains the same:

“I’m driven to enable people find and have voice.”

via justadandak.com /about

Beyond continuing to offer my current speaking / coaching services, my desire is to give attention to projects which raise eyebrows, both individually and in collaboration with others (centered around the above purpose statement). This will manifest in the following actions (no particular order):

  • as described above regarding the prototype, been researching for about 9 months and developing out a product around augmenting gathering experiences, so intending to go live in the first quarter with a few paid service offerings and one free informational offer;
  • also in the first quarter, will launch a series of online course offerings relating to presenting online (a deeper dive from what I’ve been delivering this past year or so to many clients);
  • Creative Leadership NZ (which ran in 2017, 2018, 2019 then paused due to the pandemic) will make a return at the end of 2022 to “connect visionary humans and creatives into a community to solve contemporary challenges” and is already in development mode (venues, curating speakers, exploring partnerships);
  • Creative Welly will continue to be my pro bono project and more episodes will follow soon enough (as an aside, the “Welly” in this title does not stand for “Wellington” as most assume, read about it on the about page);
  • artistic expressions through sound, artifacts and visuals (not NFTs because they are mainly a ponzi scheme which hurts the world);
  • and finally, have an audacious moonshot documentary project brewing which is titillating the senses and aiming to close the deal this year.

Also want to throw a big hope and that is to visit the family back in Wales and then other friends in other countries during the trip. With the current state of the virus who knows, am doing my best not to miss people / places and recognise in gratitude where I am and what I have also.

As for the more personal side of things, am keen to craft a ‘theme’ for the coming year and have settled on:

Radical creativity responsibility.

Towards the end of the year I unfollowed a bunch of people and entities on Twitter / Linkedin which were constantly creating a negative response in me and it triggered the realisation that it is up to me to define my state (or at least do my best to react to the world in the positive). Integrating traumatic experiences and sad-inducing moments I will take personally and treat them like adventures to be grateful for.

So, how was your year and what guesses / actions do you have for 2022?


Colliding Good Humans | An Intentional Place To Sit And Be

first 25 Creative Welly episodes image

Current thoughts on producing a unique, beautiful and independent video podcast.

In 1176 the then Prince of Wales, Rhys ap Gruffudd, invited a wide range of learned folks to Cardigan Castle to participate in the first ever Eisteddfod⁠—Eistedd means “sit” and Fod means “be”⁠—a cultural festival with the aim of sharing and learning from each others artistic expressions.

Creative Welly‘s model is simple: bring together two souls from different disciplines whom have never met, and then through a modern-day fireside situated discussion, we uncover the person plus lessons behind the projects / initiative / companies / organisations / approaches.

The dinstinct visual concept of the final video form is all about creating intimacy for the viewer, to offer through the peripheral, the sense of being connected deeply in to the discussions (check out the latest two episodes to see what I mean if you haven’t already seen):

For the participants themselves, nearly all comment on the wonderful sense of space it offers, simply having the time to explore ideas and experiences in unhurried conversation. This is how it’s filmed:

As for the financial model of such a creative endeavour: it’s independently produced which means we rely on the generosity of David Hamilton at Flashdog Studios who hosts us (for free) and the technical talents of Jono Tucker of Empire Films who produces the video offerings (for free). I work hard on curating the participants plus make it all go live to the world via creativewelly.com (for free) as well as pay for the video / domain hosting. There is no funder or advertising involved which ensures no agendas being pushed, so in essence we lose money although we gain so much in offering the world a totally original way to ‘sit’ and ‘be’ (as a viewer or participant).

After twenty-five episodes I can honestly say the whole experience has been vastly fulfilling. After finishing up nearly ten years of producing TEDxWellington (and its subsequent activities / events), this is now my pro-bono offering to the community in which I am part of.

Through the platform, relationships have been formed. Community has been created. Awareness has been sewn. Collaborations have begun.

The adventure continues in 2022!

And to the fifty superb humans: thank you for being part of this story by being open to participate in sharing yours…


#36 December 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Spend some time rambling through these digital assortments which I tweeted this month.


It is currently possible to drive a mid-size electric car 1.8 million kilometres using the same energy it takes to mine one single Bitcoin.

We see crypto as a mob of misguided fools repeating the ecological disaster of Easter Island on a global scale for the sole purpose of selling man-child themed Neopets.

Ethical beauty brand co-founder shows courage by quitting Facebook which potentially means losing £10m.

Damn, investor calls for criminal charges and prison for Facebook execs.

Exploring the scary evidence which suggests social media is causing real damage to adolescents (especially teen girls).

A proposal in Scotland to ensure all new homes to be built to Passivhaus standard.

Satellites discover huge amounts of undeclared methane emissions.

Just 15 companies are responsible for three quarters of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand.

UN announces plan to adopt Welsh approach on Future Generations legislation.



This website which presents a new icebreaker question every time you refresh.

Only works as a Chrome plugin but this online app helps you save time by automating repetitive tasks in your own browser or in the cloud.

A wonderful online tool where what you write triggers accompanying art.

DevTunesFM includes 18 stations and around 8k tracks to play in the background whilst you’re working.

Chosic is a fantastic resource to find royalty free music for your creative projects.

Excalidraw is a collaborative whiteboard / diagram maker which is fricking ace.

Unmodified complete collection of Mac Wallpapers (although will work on other laptops).

OUIGO Lets Play is a great online pinball game.

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An Audio Accompaniment For Your Trip To Mars | Create22

Three chilled audio offerings to add to the playlist when experiencing a cheeky getaway to the cosmic colonies:

Pre solarboost – 1m23s – First Audio Recording of Sounds on Mars – create22 – justadandak.com
Peri solarboost & chapters of interstitial space – Sounds of Perseverance Mars Rover Driving – Sol 16 – chapters of interstitial space – create22 – justadandak.com
Post solarboost & positioning to land – 2m30s – NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in Flight – create22 – justadandak.com

All remixed with actual sounds from Mars via NASA plus an audio-Easter-egg cleaned-up snippet of Orson Welles from 1938 Radio Station’s ‘Attack By Mars’ Panics Thousands clip via a little help with AudioDeNoise.

Image credit (clipped): Orson Welles: The Mercury Theatre On the Air (1938).

Create22: a creation for which the only reason to exist is due to the creative act itself.


Nature x Humanity | A Lesson In Adaptive Architecture

Radical material varietals which replace the current extractive system, buildings that react in bio-sensitive ways, and cities which heal our planet.

“The documentary debuts at a critical juncture when the anthropomass—the mass produced by humans—has exceeded that of the living biomass on our planet.”

Neri Oxman is an impressive human.

I watched her give her Design at the intersection of technology and biology TED talk whilst attending TEDActive in 2015 and we connected virtually shortly after. Ever since I’ve been trying to bring her out to this fair land to either speak at TEDxWellington or Creative Leadership NZ (however, diaries never aligned).

She is the founder of The Mediated Matter Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology plus originator of Material Ecology: exploring / teaching at the intersection of technology, biology and sustainable design. The above is a retrospective of sorts relating to her work and an invitation to explore what is being done beyond ones own level of literacy.

I watched the short documentary hanging on by my cognitive-fingernails, as the conceptual and material potential shared realigned with something precious which has been lost of late when speaking to local leaders and industry professionals about their approach to city planning / building / construction industry practices, and that is, hope.

There is a vast amount of latent possibilities in the projects explored: whether it be 3D printing optically aligned glass with a molten calligraphy pen for high-efficiency solar-energy capture, adaptable bio-based structural materials with programmed decomposition, co-designing with silk-worms to inform future architectural forms and processes, synthesising pigments to enhance structures with their embodied properties, plus building autonomously at large-scale for urban settings; one ends the viewing experience seriously considering either retraining into this emerging field or at least supporting the best way one can to allow it to shape future discussions plus positively rebalance the world back to bio-equanimity*.

It’s all about making nature your / our client.

Thank you, Neri!

*my work as MC and podcast producer for the wonderful teulo.co platform is playing some small part in this.

#35 November 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

A heap of intriguing whatcha-ma-call-its to spend some time on.


Trust the swedes to solve the mystery of the ‘slut’ scrawled on the original Grapes Of Wrath manuscript.

Again, the Swedish showing us how to live with a miraculous eco-town with a 20-storey wooden skyscraper.

About how in the UK schools are told not to use facial recognition to speed up lunch queue (bonkers).

Why the ‘Big Short’ guys think Bitcoin Is a bubble ready to burst.

With some cool science how a solar storm confirmed vikings settled in North America exactly 1,000 years ago.



Paste in some text here, then hit ‘submit’ to strip out everything but the punctuation!

Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.

Design awesome landing page, mockup, social media post or presentation with 3dicons.

Check out this ‘ambient chaos‘ aural fun.

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Image credit: Designing The Guardian’s new Saturday magazine

#34 October 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

At the dead of the night in came the Welsh Giant (1916), Arthur Rackham (English, 1867-1939)

Some things to enrich your meat sack of an existence.


The guy behind the ZX Spectrum has died (here’s mine).

A piece here in NZ about how Welsh and te reo Māori have both been called dead languages, and yet they live on.

Scrapebook announces the launch of Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses with no privacy considerations (this is what it accesses if you use it & obviously those around have no way of giving permission or not to be recorded).

Solarpunk is radical in that it imagines a society where people and the planet are prioritized over the individual and profit.”



The 26th Annual Webby Awards is open for entries!

Gifrun is a free service that creates high-definition GIFs from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many other sources.

Enter things in the boxes on this site, click the “Go!” button, and discover just how connected Wikipedia topics are.

Untools is a collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.

City Roads: just enter your city name and the tool renders a monochromatic map of all the streets in that city, without any names or labels.

OpenMoji is an open source emoji and icon project.

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Image credit: At the dead of the night in came the Welsh Giant (1916), Arthur Rackham (English, 1867-1939)

#33 September 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Pick through this months fascinating collection of curated thingamajiggies from the interwebs.


The 4000-page IPCC climate report summarised (have someone to hold after this).

We should all be getting our bike as it’s ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities.

Those clever swedes are thinking beyond the “15 minute cityscape” and exploring the ‘hyper-local one minute city’ option.

How to stop Google knowing where you are 24/7.

How those nasty folks at Facebook disabled the personal accounts of a group of New York University researchers studying political ads on the social network.

Nice news: the whales in Alaska have been happier than usual.

A nice piece exploring why do we devote so much of our attention to online platforms making billions from your data.

Igniting cognitive ‘long-termism’ plus the benefits of embracing ‘deep time’.



Bookstack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising & storing information (free wiki app).

cchound.com is a curation of CC licensed music from various artists and genres for you to use, however you like with correct attribution, in your creative projects.

A collection of royalty free 3D Images.

Iconduck has a shed load of free open source icons & illustrations.

A simple but mightily effective free color picker app for the Mac.

A free online ‘Paint By Numbers’ platform (beware of big ad which pops-in).

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Image credit: Writing board, via The Met – “His many spelling mistakes have been corrected in red ink by the teacher.”

Bastard Brain | Battling The Internal Narrative

“You must feel your way out!”

For many, battling the debilitating monotone internal narrative is too hard to even start: that nasty voice in your head reducing you down, limiting your potential, constraining your joy, crushing your confidence, opening the doors to anxiety, igniting your loathing of self / life, feeding the dangerous black dog.

And due to the direct link from mind to heart, cultivating strategies for dealing with the bastard brain needs to be prioritised to experience fully this living experience. Unlearning where our precious attention goes is the key to unlocking the melodies which rounds off positive aspects of existence.

For most of my life this wicked voice held the reigns and defined the journey, complimented by the learned repression of any verbalised ’emotional’ state.

I’m starting to relearn the roots of my operating system and in doing so, rerouting many of its commanding protocols, releasing the energy for a more rounder me.

Recently, I sent the following to a friend who was asking how I was:

My heart is a beautiful mess of things, like an Hieronymus Bosch painting: full of magic and weird characters plus brilliance and terror!


Here’s to emergence, light, kindness, revelations, celebrations, talking, crying, laughing, hope, dreams, attempting, love, courage, quietness, weakness, forgiveness, discovery, worthy, curiosity, flourishing, spirit, balance, soulfulness, respect, ok, contentment, unlearning, relearning, learning.