I’m driven to enable people find and have voice.

Always keen for courageous collaborations, travel more and learn how to add value to the world.


  • coach leaders (1-2-1 & teams) in honing powerful spoken stories plus deliver internal leadership masterclasses in ‘purposeful storytelling’ (foundation and advanced learning experiences available)
  • busy promoting a 75mins / 10 chapter video course to radically increase your online storytelling & presenting skills: ‘Presenting Engagingly Online
  • craft delicious learning experiences on a scale of 10 to 1,000 attendees for a cross-sector list of nice clients (plus do in-studio content creations like this)


  • founded MediaSnackers (a leading training and consulting agency from 2006-2011)
  • spoken and advised on five continents regarding digital strategies for folks like The Gates Foundation, UNICEF, BBC, Ubisoft, Welsh Assembly, Hasbro, global city developer IBI Group etc
  • founded CEO and executive-level mentoring firm, Social Media For Suits (‘paused’ in 2011 along with MediaSnackers)
  • been a Social Media Manager for national education organisation, CORE Education
  • worked in various levels of local government and was the UK’s first & only (at that time), Corporate Youth Officer… oooh!

Currently based in the coolest capital in the world, and work internationally. Yes, DK is my (legal) name. Just a D and a K.

Diva speaking / masterclass requirements:
Don’t do panels / speak for free (unless it’s a wholly run volunteer initiative) / participate in events with no gender / cultural balance.
– Presentations / masterclasses are delivered via Keynote (I can bring MacBook and have a HDMI converter plus bluetooth clicker), just need a high fidelity projector in dark room (or capability to control the lighting as to not ‘wash-out’ the presentation) or large screen TV with speakers (as there will be video clips shown).
– A lapel mic is preferred (if a big room / lots of humans) or hand held mic, as don’t do lecterns.
– Am gluten / dairy / (processed) sugar / (hot) spice free.
Thanks and appreciate your time on this, happy to chat to provide clarity.