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  1. MOST COMPREHENSIVE BALLPOINT PEN ART GALLERY IN HISTORY*** 1,000 artists, 7,693 drawings, 372 videos, 480 blog entries & 199 related links for your enjoyment. Jerry Stith is the most prolific ballpoint artist, publisher, video producer, information provider and creator of this site therefore leader of the Ballpoint Pen Art movement. Mr. Stith developed this site because no other artists, pen companies, art communities, media, museums and galleries have recognized the countless billions of people doodling, sketching, rendering, drawing, coloring or illustrating with a ballpoint pen. Art is a therapeutic activity therefore archiving ballpoint pen artists and history is a healthy addition to our society! It’s a healing agent that brings joy, happiness, peace and progress to artists plus their families. The thousand of us published here make up the heart and soul of this Ballpoint Pen Art Movement. People love knowing that they’re producing history and sharing with others worldwide therefore this forum is extraordinary. Historically specking, Garry Stith

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