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Two fast-paced, highly-edited and short-form-doco style films exploring trends in interaction and experience design.

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”
Elon Musk

Connecting Series is a collaboration between Microsoft Design and Bassett & Partners. The following films have a monstrous amount of sweeping statements, provocative questions and leading thoughts, although do provide an insight into the amount of innovative happening out there:

When everyone is a maker, new possibilities emerge, but with them come new responsibilities about digital transparency, cultural awareness, and the role of the designer.

When digital and physical worlds become one, new behaviors become possible, enabling connected humans with a collective capacity to change the world.

For me, these two films hint at the wider ideas of play, collaboration, experimention, failure, mashups etc—what do you think?

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  1. And have ‘a monstrous amount of sweeping statements, provocative questions and leading thoughts’ is something they may well might… but sadly much of which is ‘pearls before swine’ lost upon the vast majority of us… who, rather than fully consider things and do something genuinely worthwhile, simply noddingly consume the same-ol-same-as fodder of those we choose to follow – perhaps pausing just long-enough to socially share it.

    And I’ll vouch that if you quiz people at random about ‘play, collaboration, experimentation, failure, mashups’… in most cases you’ll probably just get a blank stare – unless you ask a pseud, in which case christ help you.

    As for ‘a collective capacity to change the world’… yeah, maybe, perhaps later, but first I need to update my Facebook status, then retweet some other turdery.

    So, for ‘what do you think?’… read the above.

    1. Always good to have your take on things here, g.

      As hinted, the films lack the depth to provide guidance in any direction although they can be used to spark discussion / conversation.

      The idea of creating a space so folks can slow down to, find space to consider and create (and not just pause and share) is something I’ve been playing around with (and will share when next we chat).

      1. It’s not the films per se…

        >The idea of creating a space so folks can slow down to, find space to consider and create (and not just pause and share) is something I’ve been playing around with…

        All very noble – but you’re wasting your life doing so.

        ‘Nobody’ cares.

        ‘They’ want whatever is here-now-this-second current from their particular guru/person-they-follow. Then an instant later they want something else.

        You won’t change that, and can only – if you’re sufficiently effective – hope to grab a small group who tag onto you for a while and then vanish.

        That’s how things have always been, in any endeavor – though the Stones seem to have done ok and retained popularity for 50-or-so years… despite progressively degenerating quality of output (but that’s a whole other story).

        The stuff you feature is usually good and worthwhile stuff. But the low comment-count suggests you ain’t getting the engagement. I doubt you’re even getting the readers.

        The problem – and in this context, your problem – is the ‘who the fuck are you?’ thing… what you’re doing (and any good intent) matters relatively little relative to ‘how famous are you?’.

        The blog-structured output of a single individual is exceedingly unlikely to cut-it.

        You’ll at some point wake-up to the fact that you’re largely writing to yourself, and at some point previous wandered off-track without realising it… then, stayed there because of inertia/momentum/confusion as to how-the-fuck to commercially utilise your talent/desire in a worthwhile manner which pays the bills.

        You’ll be wrecked by then. Burned. Fried. Gone.

        That’s how these things work.

        If… if… if… if… if… if… if… if… you wise-up sooner and gather yourself to not just what’s happening around you, but the direction in which things are flowing… then focus yourself and strategically direct your enterprise accordingly… you’ve a chance.

        Good luck.


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