Data Dignity | Fixing The Interwebs

A way to tidy up this messy and immoral tech / data world.

You should have the moral rights to every bit of data which exists because you exist, now and forever.

From the lips / mind of Jaron Lanier (the kernel of the idea was explored in his ‘How we need to remake the internet’ TED talk) via NY Times and also here’s a similar call by Will.I.Am in the Economist at the beginning of the year:

Personal data needs to be regarded as a human right, just as access to water is a human right. The ability for people to own and control their data should be considered a central human value. The data itself should be treated like property and people should be fairly compensated for it.



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  1. We’re certainly living in an age where data about individuals is a commodity. Am I entitled to a ‘share’ in this? I’m not sure. I provide my personal data as a means of acquiring information, resources and contact – perhaps that’s all I can reasonably expect from this arrangement. Having said that, I would like to know what the mined data actually says.

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