Defining Social Spaces

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How do you decipher and explain the different social spaces / platforms?

Well, a while ago I wrote a blog post describing the Golden Rule of Social Media—it’s really simple and is summed up as:


This morning a colleague emailed me with her own definitions of the social spaces and how they relate to real world scenarios (like cocktails and offices etc). Here’s my response:

  • Website—your online ‘shop front’ and everything inside from the products, customer service, to what you discuss related to your industry etc.
  • Blog—same as above (if you don’t have a blog then you don’t have a space to inspire people to be awesome)
  • Twitter—(mainly) public conversation party, giving you an opportunity to connect with people you would never usually get a chance to (great for just listening in and gleaming amazing ideas and information)
  • Facebook—private members club with exclusive insights and offers others can’t get elsewhere (rewards based model. Why? Most people are on Stalkbook not to buy but to connect with people they know.)
  • LinkedIn—old school drinking mens establishment where not much happens. It’s great for getting introduced to interesting folks although you then try to get them into other spaces as the current place (LinkedIn) sucks and smells of old people
  • YouTube—your Tivo (another words what you want to show to other people relating to your passions, your ideas and maybe your products)

What do you think? How would you define the above?


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