Ideabombing | Spreading Ideas Internally


Ideabombing is one way I’m trying to communicate and share stuff which inspires, invigorates and melts peoples minds:

Idea | noun
a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

Bombing | verb
the art of doing any forms of graffiti visual activity.

Twice a week new content is shared through the internal CORE Education community site to digest and react to (as I never forget to pose a question or two to contextualise thinking).

Imagine this in schools but instead of shoes the texts relating to subjects plus all the different supporting content… it’s not way in the future, it’s here, nearly…

How can you see this being applied in educational settings or in the work place?

Get the idea…?

Let me know how you’re ideabombing in your organisations / companies. Does the above distribution example help?



  1. All I do is a short email with a new resource or a link on a semi-regular basis! “Ideabombing” makes it sound much more exciting! I might borrow that if I may?

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