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professor lewin uncover quote

Reframing the social media conversation.

Imagine if… Charles Darwin flickr’d his notes.

Imagine if… Nikola Tesla streamed his experiments.

Imagine if… Anne Frank blogged whilst she hid.

Imagine if… Albert Einstein google doc’d openly his work in progress.

Imagine if… Mahatma Ghandi tweeted.

Imagine if… Jimi Hendrix had Soundcloud.

Imagine if… Abraham Lincoln podcasted his presidency.

Imagine if… Amelia Earhart live-mapped her journey with GPS.

Imagine if… we stopped talking about social media as a marketing tool!

Your turn (in the comments below)…

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  • Heather Thompson 6 years ago Reply

    The Lewin quote caught my eye. I have used a parallel one often from Howard Gardner
    I think it is a really important concept in teaching MI after twenty years Pg 8

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      Wonderful – feel free to cut and paste in a comment to save folks some digging :-)

  • Susan Arthur 6 years ago Reply

    Imagine if … Kate Shepherd used Facebook to flash mob parliament.

    • DK 6 years ago Reply

      Lovely… that’s the spirit!


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