MUNDANE | Made Up of Nothing, Devoid of Anything New or Exciting

A collection of mundane things via Pexels

When was the last time someone asked for “mundane” from you?

Mundane is tedious. Drab. Banal. Boring. Vacuous. Beige. Bland. Tired. Sedate. Paltry. Inane. Obtuse. Maudlin. Homogeneous. Achromatic. Same-old-same-old. Something lame. Pedestrian. Uninspiring. Trite. Stale. Lukewarm. Innocuous. A trudge. Nondescript. Vapid. Yawn-inducing.

I can appreciate that “mundanity” in the right context could be comforting, safe, like routine. Or if you’re going in for a heart operation then you want nothing but a mundane experience. However, in the context of designing and then delivering delicious learning experiences, it’s not in my professional lexicon.

*I don’t do mundane!

It’s a value which in the past has destroyed a potential career path, meant the loss of a healthy dose of money / about a year in time / loads of positive energy, and deeply affected my mental health, because:

“A principle isn’t a principle until it costs you something.”

Bill Bernbach

More recently, I’ve returned to this experience as a catalyst for designing a range of positive ‘products’—for creative maximilists looking to encourage dangerously original things!

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coming soon - mundane series

Oh and had this in an old slide deck which fits here:

boring is the riskiest strategy - Seth Godin quote - from the 'Purple Cow' book
*some proof of my non-mundane pedigree.

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