Reach Beyond Your Grasp

make something awesome

The following message I wrote to myself after a thirteen hour flight from LA to Auckland, just after 6am in the morning and still digesting the fact I had just emigrated to the other side of the planet

“It’s time to to be the humble-peaceful-hungry-for-life-warrior you deserve to be; this is the place to become that bonfire and dare the world to put you out!

To be open to new experiences, to give people all the goodness you have, to treat smiles as the currency needed and to challenge yourself to always reach further than your grasp.

Be mindful of your actions (and others) and their intents. Be graceful and aim to make others shine (even if it dulls your own talents).

Above all, make people think / smile.”

Image taken during a tour of the Googleplex


  1. The good thing is that the new heavy 13 inch macbook is going to stretch your arms anyway, so your grasp may be extended to meet your reach without much effort ;-)

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