Social Media Day Presentation | #HootupWLG

Challenging a community to go ‘beyond social media marketing.’

Decided on a different tact for this International Mashable Social Media Day Wellington meet up / hootup presentation (sponsored by Hootsuite).

Seems like my accent is still creating some happy accidents though:

darwin nuts tweet

Thanks to Katherine, Kalista, Jo, Vanisa, HootsuiteAPAC , BizDojo for inviting me to speak and for making the evening happening—humbled reference / respect also to my fellow speakers: Pete, Jo and Matty.


YouTube version


  1. Thanks for sharing the video afterwards. I was at HootUpWLG and your talk was great, unfortunately I was so busy listening and taking some points down that I missed some bits. Re-watching also reminded me about your fur.ly url which I had forgotten about!

  2. DK – thought provoking presentation. Thanks for sharing here for those of us who couldn’t view on the day. I *love* your speculation on how Einstein or Hendrix would use Social Media. Food for thought!

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