1. Instead of thinking about how to make people click ads, we’ve been thinking about how we can create value for the awesome community that’s building around Bucky Box.

    We aim for about 70% of our media being focused on helping local food distributors run their business better, and then 10% or so filling in the gaps about us and our journey, with the last 20% being focused on organic stuff that comes through our feeds which we think should be amplified and is useful to our community.

    We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to redefine how we spend our resources.

    Found this article from Google interesting – future of advertising – http://www.google.com/think/articles/art-copy-code.html

    1. Great comment / model of where to focus your minds / efforts / communication right there – appreciate you sharing.

      Thanks for the google link – featured it here :-)

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