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CreativeHQ | Social Media For Startups

creativehq sessions

Developed and delivered a three-afternoon session course for a eager group of startups at CreativeHQ.

DK’s sessions on social media highlighted the importance of utilising a variety of tools to build an online company culture quickly and effectively—which is a priority for a startup business. One of the most important themes was how you can use your online culture to build your brand and leverage it to build a marketplace around your business. He is an absolute guru in the field and his hands on approach allowed people to pick up practical areas to focus and develop during each session. This was not your usual run down on social media, it is a look at who you are, who is your audience and most importantly—how do you get started today. I am forever reciting “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”
Jill McCarthy, Business Associate, CreativeHQ


“How Might We” | The Power Of Positive Language

The “how” suggests that improvement is always possible. The only question remaining is how we will find success. The word “might” temporarily lowers the bar a little. It allows us to consider wild or improbable ideas instead of self-editing from the very beginning, giving us more chance of a breakthrough. And the “we” establishes owndership of the challenge, making it clear that not only will it be a group effort, but it will be our group.

Some great wisdom from IDEO’s Kelley Brothers in this article on ‘using language to shape a creative culture’.

A Twitter Question | A Twitter Answer

implementing a social media culture

Many thanks to Peter Potter for the question.

What are the top 3 tools an organisation can use to implement social media culture?
A crowbar, a mirror and some cakes. Wasn’t being glib—you’ll have to move some people/attitudes, humanise practises/successes and reward/celebrate change.

The above is taken from my random one hour surgeries I hold on Twitter where anyone can ask me anything related to social / digital media.

Twitter conversation link

Strategies vs Culture | Influencing Excellence

culture quote drucker

Replacing strategy with culture.

The following lines were featured in an exit report for my previous role:

…this is less about strategies and more about culture. Create the habitat and the habit will follow.

Something I’ve been saying for a while about social media and more importantly, change (whether it be departmental, organisational, individual etc).

Then the above [quote in the image] came along and I had to go outside and get some air.

Allow it to sink in.

Take some time to realise its importance.

Then adopt and adapt, embrace and move on, richer.

Thank you Peter Drucker.

How do you create a better culture for your organisation / company / for yourself?

Image credit via Drucker Institute