The Art Of Career Change | Taking notes

From the wonderful School Of Life

Five deliciously taunting lessons from Roman Krznaric on finding fulfilling work:

1. Confusion is perfectly normal

      1. —changing career (and the prospect of doing so) is utterly confusing due to the paradox of choice plus we’re naturally rick adverse—we have to move beyond this

2. Beware of personality tests

      1. —they simply don’t work

3. Be a wide achiever, not a high achiever

      1. —nurture the many sides of who we are to be a portfolio worker or a serial specialist

4. Find where your values and talent meet

      1. —therein lies in your vocation

5. Act first, reflect later

    1. —make time for change. The ‘plan and implement model’ is backwards. Branching projects or temporary assignments.

How did you find the job that fulfils you?


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