The Public Speaking Lesson You Never Had | My TEDxNelson Talk

Got an important presentation or pitch coming up and struggling to prepare? This will help (or your money back): exploring the three elements which make up a great talk plus a Jedi-mind trick which will reframe those debilitating nerves once and for all.

What a joy to be invited to give a TEDx talk last month in Whakatū Nelson, at their first ever in-person event.

After nearly a decade of developing and delivering the TEDx offerings for Te Whanganui-o-Tara Wellington, was an honour to be stepping on that red rug as just a speaker to share my ‘idea worth spreading.’

As discussed in the talk, scripts are rubbish, and just to prove here’s mine which I prepared my talk from after developing different options via the post-it note medium (if you’re speaking from lived experience this is all you need):

Thanks to all the good people behind the scenes at TEDxNelson for the opportunity to share my story/ies plus the attendees and other speakers for making it a great day.

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  1. I’m currently doing a paper for my speech class and I stumbled upon this speech. talk about perfect timing with finding this. Great speech and I learned somethings I didn’t learn in the class as well. Thank you DK!!!!!

  2. Hey DK, You seem like a legend and I love your style! I am on a mission myself to create impact and would love to be connected with you. I am launching my book at the end of the year and would love to craft a good presentation on it next year and use it to get speaking gigs. Let me know what my options are.

    1. Very kind of you to say. All the best with the book launch and presentation development – happy to provide some coaching on it plus explore the different options available out there – drop me a line via the contact page if that’s something of interest :-)

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