Hey there, I’m DK – welcome!


I give no-nonsense social media advice plus give kick-ass presentations and occasionally write stuff).

I believe in helping folks ask better questions!


Been blogging and playing around in online social spaces for over a decade and this is my eighth year of making money from it. Stuff I’ve done:


Currently based in the coolest capital in the world, and super-active in the global playground that is the web. Love to travel although am a terrible tourist (prefer people to places), a total generalist (if it’s a good idea I don’t care where it’s from) and can move my eyebrows independently of each other (what can you do?).

Other stuff which floats my boat is minimalism (check out my Declutter100 project blog), punching (am a qualified Boxercise instructor)!

Am the type of guy who says stuff like the following and gets goosebumps:

…become a bonfire and dare the world to put you out!

And thinks stuff like:

…why don’t you ever see “opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of our employees” on corporate sites?

Yes, DK is my (legal) name.


Have a vast and varied experience of advisory work (evidence), from CEOs to small theatres, big brands to global charities, teachers to youth workers etc.

If you’re putting on an event or conference and looking for an impacting, highly-energetic, fast-paced and enlightening speaker—examples of past talks plus full list of historic speaking gigs—that’s me (don’t do conference panels and rarely speak for free)!

Please complete the following to explore working together and my assistant will respond :

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