#26 February 2021 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Time to explore the wonderful offerings online to learn and delight the human condition.


Singapore reveals COVID19 privacy data to the police.

Life without COVID19: the nations that have sidestepped the pandemic so far—feeling so grateful to be living in a country talked about here.

The Celtic Tree Calendar is fun stuff to read and smile at how humans were hungry to figure out the world through nature.



Join the cosmic star gazing community and look at what the Hubble Telescope is looking at right now.

Take some time and mix your own electronic music just by clicking a few buttons.

AI Powered Automatic Colorization for line drawings.

Finally made the switch from Dropbox to Sync after doing some privacy research & here’s a referral link if you’re interested.

A single-purpose site to create an emdash.

Image credit from my visit to Queenstown.
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