#37 January 2022 | Monthly Digital Breadcrumbs

Starting the year offering up a buffet of things I tweeted last month.


A deconstruction of the negative things around the whole Web3 discourse.

My end-of-year-write-up on producing a unique, beautiful and independent video podcast.

Great piece about how most successful tech investments are not from the over-hyped ‘unicorns.’



These LEGO inspired home products.

A chilled web experience of walking in different cities whilst listening to local radio (which you can turn off if you wish).

THX Deep Note is good for waking up kids, scaring the birds / cats & for general awesome creative things.

Create random AI art from words and styles.

Townscaper is a procedural town building online toy.

Image credit: Visualizing the Accumulation of Human-Made Mass on Earth.
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