Apples Keynote | Seven Great Uses Other Than Presenting With It

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Keynote is Powerpoints funkier and far more slicker younger brother.

Been an avid fanboy of this fantastic application since switching to a Mac (nearly ten years) and thought I’d share the other ways I’ve used this uber-versatile presentation software:

  1. Video Vignetting—take one .png file and apply it over a video on a slide, export presentation as movie and hey presto, instant vignetting;
  2. Movie credit former—craft all your opening and closing movie credits with the great animation text effects plus some images / video underneath if that’s how you roll (again, once finished just export as movie and import into your editing software)
  3. Animation creator—create awesome little animations like this and this and this;
  4. Pie charts / bar graphs maker—create amazing 3D stats with the inbuilt chart maker;
  5. Advert / flyer / poster / desktop image tool—a simpler version that Photoshop (I created this infographic in Keynote);
  6. Resizer / repositioner / recutter of images—make things bigger, smaller, overlapping, cut things out etc with the in-built image editor;
  7. Design sites / applications—due to it’s simple interface designers are starting to use it to wireframe their websites plus others are exploring it application / programme design as well;

So what about you? How do you use yours?



  1. Lots of good inspiration here – look forward to trying out some of these ideas in 2012. Thanks for sharing:-)

  2. As a teacher, I play videos in Keynote. I can animate text to enter at a specific time. It’s a great way to show students how to take notes. I also resize videos so that they are part of a slide rather than always being full screen.

    1. Thanks for popping by Bill and sharing how you use Keynote in the classroom – do you ever export them out (as a movie) and make them available online for the students to further their study?

  3. Some great ideas DK. I really like the movie credits idea, and how Bill uses it too. I used it to make my cv a couple of years ago, and use it for animation mostly in class. I find the kids in my class use it for a whole range of things – it’s their “go-to” app in most cases, as it’s so flexible. Thanks for the cool post.

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