The Illustrated Gladwell

Another great offering from the lens of Hillman Curtis.

Originally posted on January 3rd but I was a little too keen, Hillman pulled it into private mode as not quite ready to share. Now it’s available for your eyes, brain, soul…


  • Desire 8 years ago Reply

    Love the story Malcolm tells about his dad…. Inspired. Thank you!

    • DK 8 years ago Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment :-)

  • Mary-Anne Murphy 8 years ago Reply

    Love Gladwell’s work. The illustrations make his work accessible to a wider range of people; could see these books being used with students within philosophy, social sciences, the arts, etc…. what would their interpretation of Gladwell’s stories look like… what would it sound like as a soundscape with extracts read alongside?…and…how would it look with creative dance/drama added? Lots of possibilities… :)

    • DK 8 years ago Reply

      Appreciate the comment Mary-Anne and furthering the ideas of exploring his (and others) works in other forms…


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