Authority Doesn’t Come From Titles | Brave Leadership Summit 2023 Review

Still brimming with new ideas, juicy insights plus useful language after my time at the first ever Brave Leadership Summit last week.

Devised and organised by the fantabulous David McQueen a dear friend who delivered a masterclass in crafting and holding space for others to shine. Developing a learning experience with superb speakers and all the aspects to make it go smoothly is no small feat so want to publicly celebrate the success of those who are bold enough to try (plus nail it)!

Took loads of notes and the biggest takeaways for me were:

  • Leadership is supposed to be tough: step into that discomfort with gratitude
  • Privilege is about power: often just to simply have and use your voice
  • Brave leaders hold space for uncomfortable feelings and conversations: especially around topics relating to anti-racism (see fifteen characteristics of white supremacy culture)
  • Compassion and vulnerability takes courage: lots of speakers were channeling Brene Brown on this topic
  • As a leader, have you created a culture of trust, for people to ask questions, to make mistakes, to be bold etc: culture is only culture when lived (not words on a page or spoken out)
  • There’s no room for ego in leadership
  • “You can’t pour from an empty cup”
  • “It’s not about laying bricks, it’s about building a cathedral”

The experience is still reverberating through me, the side conversations, the language and insights shared plus being surrounded by considerate humans all purposeful & respectful of each others journeys as well… can’t wait till next year!



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