Kiwi Diary 2024 | A Transmedium Contribution

From digital musings about analogue times to an analogue feature to digital again.

What a joy to get the image above which shows a little blog post I wrote back in 2018 now in print:

“The Kiwi Diary showcases Aotearoa’s people, landscape and stories, and becomes a treasured, personalised keepsake. KD is “good nutrition for your cognition” – adorned with art, recipes, poetry, and thought-leadership. Kiwi Diary content is designed to keep us connected to what is good for planet & people.”

Thought I’d have a crack at reading it out loud to add some ‘soul’ to the piece (4m32s):

Thank you to Freda for continuing to curate and produce this wonderful artifact (which you can purchase here).


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