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Going fishing.

It started with the casting of this tweet:

BlackBox SocialMedia bait tweet

A little bait to catch a bite… four days later, they bit:

BlackBox SocialMedia automated tweet reply

Much in the same vein as SplashMedia (please read the comments), it looks like BlackBox SocialMedia first capture mentions of Twellow, Facebook, Twitter and social media training, then hit these Tweetmailers with an automated reply service directing them to articles on their website (which is basically trying to sell you their services).

It’s easy to understand the above approach as social media presents an enticing opportunity to offer wisdom through targeted communication. And in sharing knowledge the aim is to build a connection (and for these guys, a sale).

There’s another way.

By creating a relationship first, not only do you become aware of the context (which is so important, otherwise, you’ll be responding to questions which haven’t been asked and you’re made to look a little silly—see my tweet and then their response) plus it’s simply more honest.

So what do you think, are BlackBox SocialMedia being savvy or is this lazy marketing? Have you experienced a similar thing on Twitter? Btw BlackBox SocialMedia, feel free to respond in the comments below.

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  1. Not another one – maybe Splash Media had a training session off these guys (or vice versa) – haha.

    Btw, seems like they’ve been blocked one too many times by other people as it says “account suspended” – that or Twitter got wise… good riddance!

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