Moleskine Pen Holder

moleskine pen holder

To add to the many hacks already out there, here’s my contribution relating to the age old question:

How do you carry your pen with your Moleskine?

My creative Mam has come up with the answer for me:

Feel free to share any questions, comments, praise in the comments section below.



me footy

I’m about 7 here. Wearing my Liverpool football strip and dreaming about becoming a footballer (the fact that I never played football didn’t matter)—some things don’t change…


Stand By Me

A classic given a global-mash-up treatment to great effect.

Originally seen on Mediacology.

A New Mantra

laughing at you

It doesn’t work (for me) but man what a great healing strategy…

Thanks Hugh

2009 New Year


BRING IT ON! Plans and aims:

  • focus on building my little business
  • focus on developing my punching
  • have fun with my month off in October in New Zealand and Tonga
  • connect more with the people that matter (family and friends who reciprocate the time you give them)
  • find a little/no-makeup-plus-beanie-and-dress-with-jeans-wearing chilled girl who plays no games and makes my heart grow (not break)

Not much to ask surely…?


Practising Peaceful Warrior

From one of my favourite scenes in the film… Buy the book, then the the film:

A warrior… he’s about absolute vulnerability… that’s the only true courage.

What if I can’t do it?

That’s the future, throw it out!


Muppet Hip Hop

Turn up the speakers, press play and nod the head in time with the beat!


Imagine Working Four Hours A Week


Currently blasting through this book and enjoying the challenges it’s leveling at me—for those who have never heard of it here’s my dilluted summary:

…the exploration and achievement of becoming part of the NEW RICH (NR) and creating a lifestyle of “mini-retirements”—working when most effective, productive and enjoyable.

Has anybody else read it and more importantly adopted the principles into their lives? NB : Really interested in those who love their job/work and how they have used it…


Wicked Game

Loving the rawness of this version keeping me company at the moment…


My Old Powerbook


After investing in a new logic board I now have my old 12inch G4 Powerbook back in my loving arms. Running Leopard and hosting a modest 80gb, 768mb RAM and 1.5 GHz processor I’m left with one question: what funky use can I put it to?