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Humanising Wisdom | An Exploratory Presentation

Introducing a new idea.

This is raw. Thoughts in flux. A developing concept and a growing passion:

Humanising Wisdom is an attempt to explore / activate / apply the latent wisdom in organisations, brands and individuals.

Presented at The 16th International Conference on Thinking yesterday.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this. What does ‘humanising wisdom’ mean to you? Do I make sense? What didn’t work? What did? Hit me up in the comments…

YouTube video version

Speaking With Purpose | Kick-ass Presenting

A presentation on presenting like a pro (or something like that).

Today I delivered an intimate public speaking seminar through Chalkle : Six Degrees Of Education.

My foundation came via this Top Ten Speaking Tips blog post written a couple of years ago (which still holds up today).

Was a great experience to not only share some of the insights gained over my short speaking career, but as ever, deconstructing something you do with the purpose of sharing that knowledge, enriches your learning so much more.

Other things discussed:

  • Compfight—clean image search with creative commons options (my preference over the Flickr Attribution directory, although they do pretty much the same job)
  • Salling Clicker—what I use to control my presentations (ensures stable connection, timing options, non-touchscreen so no accidental ‘clicks’ plus haven’t failed me in 6/7 years)
  • transitions—less is more. Advice extended to presenting software like Prezi which can be overused at times when a simple dissolve would be far more effective

…there were many more.

The attendees also had the opportunity to present for a couple of minutes and together we positively critiqued their work.

So what do you think on the advice shared above? Do you have any tips / tricks to share? Do you disagree? Dare you to leave a comment… go on, double dare ya!

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Image Credits: Animal, Woodrow, Guru, Wayne’s World, Talk, Practice, Don’t, No, Control, Look, Attention, Scary, Gospel, Questions, Next

Libraries As Interfaces, Extending The Possibilities | LIANZA 2012 Keynote

My keynote presentation at this years professional organisation for the New Zealand library and information management profession (LIANZA).

My abstract: The opportunities to connect to audiences and markets are vastly changing due to the social layer the web and new technologies now offer. How can libraries leverage this rich source of interaction to aid their focus, deepen existing relationships plus help generate new ideas and solutions?

Thank you to the amazing (nearly 500 strong) crowd, the organisers, the tech staff etc

Here’s the humbling testimonial:

DK was an outstanding presenter — fast-paced, dynamic, fun and the audience just loved him! They loved his content too — challenging and ‘mind-melting’ but also with plenty of takeaway messages. His keynote was perfect as it delivered oodles of inspiration, and his workshop demonstrated how fast and easy it is to create exciting content in the social media world. He was very professional too, cool and calm during a few technical hitches, and great to deal with.

Linda Palmer
LIANZA 2012 conference convenor

How did I do?

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Mahi Papaho Conference | National Association Media Educators (NZ) 2012 Keynote

Social media killed mass Media (how social changed everything & nothing).

When we (the conference organisers) heard DK’s presentation on social media at a CORE Breakfast last year, we knew we wanted him to come and talk at the conference, and we were really excited about the eye-popping possibilities of social media in a classroom that he would introduce. We thought; we smiled. Thanks, DK!
Diane Henjyoji, Conference Organiser

The title of the above keynote I delivered for the National Association of Media Educators (NZ) and TRCC, Mahi Papaho Conference in Wellington, NZ, 6th July 2012.

It was a great opportunity to revisit some of the topics I studied during my degree days and it was delivered as part of my role as Social Media Manager for CORE Education.

Special thanks to the organisers for both filming and allowing me to share. As stated in the talk, would love to be involved with the curriculum development specific to this subject—anyone out there listening / watching from NZQA? Please get in touch.

YouTube version

Social Media Club Wellington | Back To Basics

The fundamentals (of social media).

It was a pure privilege to speak at the Social Media Club Wellington this week.

As a reflection of where I am, transitioning out of the social media specific career, the talk focussed on the idea of getting back to basics.

Here are the links to the stuff featured:

I’m available for hire if you liked what you saw / heard.

As always, I try to reference everything used but sometimes the content has no source or was collected years ago and has since been lost. Let us know if anything is yours and will certainly give proper credit.

The Illiteracy Of Play | Pecha Kucha Night Christchurch

Another 20 slides x 20 seconds per slide.

Here’s my PechaKucha Night Christchurch presentation on the illiteracy of play—how we as adults have forgotten to cultivate and use the best learning instrument on the planet…

It draws on experiences from my youth work days right through to developing and delivering social media training for folks like BBC, UNICEF and The Gates Foundation.

Exploring ideas and case studies of how playing is the root of all education and also innovation.

This was a remix of my never-delivered TEDxOverlake talk.

Big thanks to the exact and fabulous PechaKucha Night Christchurch organisers for the opportunity to participate, the other fab speakers and the Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu for hosting/sponsoring (plus camerapeeps Tim and Elaena).

So do you think adults have lost the ability to play? Become illiterate to it’s power in our own learning and day-to-day work?

Let loose in the comments… you’re not that reserved on Twitter!

Steve Keil TED Talk
Button Theory
Playing Is Learning By Stealth
Stealth Image
LEGO Serious Play
Iceland / Facebook
Spare Change
Reinventing Money
Make Something Awesome
Dead Fish
Twitter Sketch
Grading Laughter
As always, I try to reference everything used but if anything is yours and it’s not suitably credited let us know and will certainly rectify.

The London Conference on Cyberspace | Encouraging Youth Participation

Was humbled and honoured to be invited to speak to a group of young people who were attending The London Conference on Cyberspace and whom were getting ready to feed back their thoughts to the conference organisers and participants.

Thanks to the NSPCC who invited me, specifically Emily, and everyone behind the scenes who made it happen.

You can follow the event outcomes through their @LDNCyberYouth Twitter stream plus there’s the main @LondonCyber conference one as well.

What would you have told them?

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