1. sorry, had to yank this from public viewing. Mr. Libeskind launches a new site end of month and the vid plays a central part in the new site. Will be back up as soon as they go liveH

  2. Appreciate the kind words and for letting me know about the vid – totally understand although will leave this here for when it goes live again :-)Keep churning them out sir… always devour your stuff when it surfaces and you’re definitely behind one of the reasons my next purchase will be a digital slr (to shoot some short vids – still working out the best one for my budget) – keep in touch!

  3. Same…I just found a 7D kit rental that is perfect for starting out without dropping 5 or 6k. I just rented it for the month of October for just over 1k to try shooting again after 8 years of DPs. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass on the renter's info (I'm assuming you're in NYC) all the bestH

  4. Am in Christchurch, NZ – emigrated from the UK in June – although was in NYC the other week at a conference…I’m leaning towards the Nikon D5100 as it fits my budget plus it’s a good starter SLR (never owned one before) – also it’s got the all important external mic… although open for any guidance you can offer sir?

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