Different Types Of Social Media Users | Conversationalists / Learners / Aggregators / Marketeers / Researchers / Lurkers (CLAMRL)

Different Types Of Social Media Users 2

What other personality / activity types are there?

Created a half a year ago during some random flight. Found and now sharing in the hope it offers value to someone:

  • Conversationalists: connecting and talking with like-minded souls whilst sharing all aspects of their lives / thoughts etc.;
  • Learners: connecting & applying ideas. The bloggers, bookmarkers, developers of skills / understanding;
  • Aggregators: scrapbooking the web. Tumbling / Pinning / posting / RTing the hell out of anything and everything;
  • Marketeers: filling streams with mainly content designed to sell services / products. Social is just a route to market;
  • Researchers: scraping content / actions into spreadsheets to quantify / dissect. Hunters of numbers / case studies;
  • Lurkers: visiting during lunch or bus rides, rarely contribute and when they do it’s an afterthought.

Which are you (you can be more than one)? What others am I missing?

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  1. Definitely fit the first three.
    What about social media butterflies who join but never return?
    Or Barrow-pushers who are always angry and turn any comment into a rant for their cause?

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